Day 59

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 13, 2019

As I embark on my 59th day of nonsmoking, I do so with some grateful thoughts and personal goals. 


  • I want to improve what I can, fix what I have broken, and learn to be comfortable with those things that remain the same. 
    • I quit smoking. I am working on improving exercise and food, as well as sleep.
    • I'm having some limiting fingers repaired so I can use them for years to come. I've had my knees replaced and a shoulder repaired. I work daily to put my sleep hygiene back together.
    • I exercise within my limits, eat foods that work for me and not against me, and look forward to waking up every day.
  • I wake up daily thinking that I'm going to make a change today. I'm never exactly what change the day will bring, but I make at least one goal and work toward it. Today's goal is to complete base painting some rocks and to tackle my kitchen counter. 
  • I am going to be 64 this year. I want that number to surprise people when they meet me. I'm doing my best to push back against the "ravages" of aging. Not sure what else to call it other than ravages. It's really a dirty joke that our bodies play as we age and in my case, I can either let it kick my hiney or I can flow with it. It related to all that stuff above.
  • I'm so happy that my sense of humor is intact. I'm a little skewed and I'm okay with that. 
  • And I am grateful to be here and to have met fellow quitters who are always in my corner. I've said it before, but new quitters and elders both inspire me daily to keep my quit. 


Enough about me. How's your day going? 



Day 59