Day 58

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 12, 2019

I'm bored. Just plain bored. LOL 


In the old days, I'd grab my phone and a cup of coffee and hit the deck or the front porch with a pack of cigarettes and my dog, maybe a crossword puzzle book, and waste an hour or two doing absolutely nothing but continuing my slow suicide. I don't do that anymore. So now, I have to push through the boredom without cigarettes. Guess what? It's not so bad. You would think that at almost 2 months, I'd be used to this, but I'm not. 


My dog destroyed a toy a few weeks ago, so I rebuilt, repaired, stuffed, and revitalized it this morning. I'm thinking The reason for the gasp? I could be a real neat freak if I had a maid. LOL I hate housework and will find 2200 reasons to avoid it. Reality dictates, though. I'm having girls game night here on 2/23 and need to do some neatening and tidying. Blech. It's raining and I totally don't have the oomph I need to clean anything. Poor me, right?


The good news is that I'm getting used to this nonsmoking thing. The urges are easing up to the point where I probably didn't have any yesterday. I'm using fewer and fewer of my cinnamon sticks and none of my cinnamon toothpicks. I'm seriously trying to take control of my eating (which isn't totally out of control) and lose the 5ish pounds I've gained. I feel a bit sorry for my sister when she goes out for a smoke after a meal. Having said that, it pains me to admit that because I was and could be her. I've been that person. 


Anyway, I'm brain draining for no particular reason. No deep thoughts or insights. 


Here goes day 58. Let's kick it!