I Really Hate Doctors Now

Blog Post created by minihorses on Jan 20, 2019

I saw my normal Dr. sometime 2 weeks ago for my 6 month follow up for blood pressure and med checks. I told him the three things that have been bothering me. 1) My index finger on my right hand is mostly numb 2) I drop things a lot because both hands just open up without warning 3) I forgot things constantly. If you interrupt me (more like a response to what I just said or a phone call or kid) while I'm speaking I immediately forget what I was saying. Prompts about where I left off don't work. I was worried that I might be starting to have Alzheimer's. My paternal grandmother had it and so did my dad. My regular doc said he would send me to a neurologist to screen for all three.


I went to the neurologist this past wednesday.  I had seen a different doc in that group for migraines years ago and wasn't overly impressed. My chiropractic doctor fixed those instead.


This doctor was a complete ass to me. He spent all of 5 minutes with me (I timed saw it because there was a clock in the exam room). The first full sentence out of his mouth after asking me twice what was wrong and I told him, he said "And what do you want me to do about it?" He looked at my finger and pressing the wrong part down on my hand and the first knuckle up from there and asking if it was in pain. Excuse me? I told him again what was wrong; numb fingertip to the next knuckle down but he NEVER TOUCHED THAT PART!! In fact the back of my hand was the only part of me he touched.


My problem with dropping things he said was either carpal tunnel, which I've had before and know what it it's symptoms are, OR it's pre-menopause. What? I already filled out the damn paperwork that said I was over that 4 years ago.


Next was the memory issue. He told me that it was probably from the high blood pressure and/or the bipolar meds I take. Same stuff I've been on for years without a problem. He proceeded to tell me he'd order an MRI "IF I WANTED IT." Now I was thinking WTF? Aren't you the doctor?


When I went to check out the lady at the front desk said she wanted to schedule me then and there for the MRI. I didn't know my schedule and said I would call when I got home so I could be sure of the dates. She asked me three GD times and each time I gave her the same answer. Every time I said I'd have to call she got increasingly snippy. Her last nasty toned sentence before I just walked away was "Well he wanted you to have the MRI so you need to schedule that right now. and he wants a follow up exam after the MRI results." Here's where her peeved tone got serious, "So you're saying you don't want to schedule these appointments now? So when will you call to make these?"  My parting words were "I have the right to refuse testing or treatments. It's my body, my decision and I'm refusing this test, Thank you." then I walked out of the office.


I have never been a person to go to the doctor over something that I can't fix from home (like a wound needing stitches) It's only the middle of January, and with the new medical coverage my husband gets from work my deductible is $2500 and therefore and I would be have to pay out of pocket for the whole thing. Sorry but if I will get another neurologist because I am sure not going to this group practice again.


I have carpal tunnel braces so I'll try wearing them for S & Gs for a while.  NMW, MY QUIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PHYSICAL AREA I CHOOSE TO CONCENTRATE ON INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT THE OTHER PROBLEMS!  God will heal all of me when I surrender my problems to him and Christ and the Holy Spirit will carry out his mercy.  Amen to my Father, the redeemer of all!