Wake Up To Phone :O

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Jan 11, 2019

Wake up to phone ringing.........."Fraud Line On My "Unlimited" Debit Card Activity!"

No big deal I think"!  Happens a few times a year.  I'm always looking for cool things on line and purchasing, if useful.  So I start to answer the questions, of purchases.  

Gentleman says"  did you make a purchase in Great Britain, this morning?"

I said no"  He says ok"  I say for how much he says 480.00 dollars."   EEK".   They did not approve thank goodness.  So call my bank and get new card yada yada.  Good gracious!
Did I want to smoke heck ya?! But, I feel God is working with me as always on this quit.  God, gently reminds me, "Kim your "unlimited debit card" is void for 7 to 10 days.

Thank you God!!!
(I don't carry cash good or bad I just don't )
He knows I'm trying so hard.  Human, sick, Nephew, Hubby woes,  and all!
Just like everyone, else.

We are all a work in progress.


I'm going to have a glorious weekend if it kills me!!


Hugs everyone

The blue beads at the top of blog is a rosary, that my daughter Kelz made for me. She also had them  blessed <3. 

They do help like worry beads for me, rolling them around on my hands and finger tips. I also use chap stick, a lot for not smoking, gum, straws, a drop of peppermint oil, in my mouth. That stuff" kills the urge for me really  good!