Metallica is Almost HERE!!

Blog Post created by minihorses on Jan 8, 2019

  I'm super excited.  My youngest *minion and I are going to see METALLICA in 20 days!!!!!  In all the years they've been together they've never had a concert anywhere near me. Until now.  And I got VIP tickets, I mean it's Metallica and this is the only time we'll see them ever, although they will probably put out albums (they've been working on a new one recently) and tour until they drop dead. There will be much headbanging, horn throwing, ear deafening and fist pumping.  I can't, scratch that, my son and I can't wait


*For those of you who don't know I have 2 adult sons and they live at home. They have been nicknamed 'minions' since they were little.  They also answer to brat, pain in the arse, and several other monikers not fit for a lady to say.  But nobody ever said I was a lady, just a crazy b-_-h!