Needless Tragedy !!

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Jan 2, 2019

My Beautiful Nephew  37 yrs. old.  Handsome, widowed, and father, of to 2 teens!
My grand little people have already went thru this once when we buried his wife, and love since they were 12 or 13 yrs old.
He is in an Induced coma and Detoxing from Alcoholism and more...


Ya, I relapsed and smoked, sorry EXers!  I just got this stupid photo on FB.  I do not want to relapse anymore!!  As tears flow down my face............. This wont help a damn thing!!


His life hangs in the balance because his liver is shot.


I am disappointed as well as some others.

I cannot keep a commitment to myself!


Prayers please for Jeff as this Man/boy's life hangs in the balance


Thank you Kim.





I'm so sorry Jeff I didn't know !!  I would have done my best to help get you clean and sober.


* I beg God to let you live and learn  how to live a beautiful sober life !*  And to cope with your grief from Angie's passing.






They are going to taper him off life support today and see how is breathing and such is...




Continued prayers would be so greatly appreciated


Thank you so kindly 



update 12/4/19

Tapered and put him back on life support.  
He has a weak kidney, they want to do dialysis;
He is already weak don't know how that will go, if they decide to to go with that procedure.
Only know hearsay of dialysis, that  it makes one weak. 
He is a bit better, a very slow slight improvement!  I will gladly take that news.
Will go see him this weekend. <3
My Birthday is Sunday it will be a good day to finally spend some time with, Jeff.  Dean has the day off I need a Co- pilot..
That will be a wonderful present to hold his hand and see his sweet face.
I am ready to go to MI at anytime, if his health takes a bad turn..   ( Praying for the best healing miracles ever).
Thank you for the prayers. Hugs