color orange

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 31, 2018

Hello-MY name is indingrl-MY TODAY JAN. 31-2018-Only by Gods grace-i celebrate MY 2916 NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER OVER ME NON SMOKER -MY OWN FREE DAYS JUST FOR ME - i also-talking about ME only-i dont like the color orange-i learned that was ok-its MY PERSONAL CHOICE-just like its MY PERSONAL CHOICE-to live just for TODAY-in MY Lord Jesus name thanking God for letting ME choose to serve Him and others in His love by sharing-MY experience-when i dont choose to take that first puff in that MOMENT OF WHATEVER IN ME-i gain another moment -a second-a minute-5 minutes-and then 2916 NICOTINE FREE LIVING BY MY PERSONAL CHOICE DAY LIVED MY WAY-I CHOOSE NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER-I READ THAT FREE BOOK AT old timers here that read it - SUGGESTED -i read it for MYSELF-I DID-I believe Joel when he shared his research from using and recovering addicts-i was willing as the dying may be-i was willing to accept NICOTINE FACTS-not MY feelings-and TODAY-JAN.31- 2018-is to be HELPFUL-to share what i have been given FREELY-to CHOOSE FOR MYSELF-life or death from using MY drug - MY DRUG WAS NICOTINE-50 death sticks a day-TODAY I AM A RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT in MY Lord Jesus name-amen-please take what HELPS and let go of the rest-YOUR CHOICE-to be HELPFUL is MY only aim-thank you-i discovered why i didnt like the color orange-it was the shade of color orange where i held the death sticks with MY fingers-it is NOT the color of orange-its NICOTINE ORANGE on MY old using fingers-God healed MY skin fingers are TODAY-a natural skin tone and a blush of pinkish hue-God is tender in His love in ME and its OK for ME-to not like the color orange-i am NOT talking about anyone else-thank you.