Prayers I guess.

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Dec 19, 2018

Honestly my husband drives me nuts. The stuff he is saying is so mean, then he asks what is wrong? Seriously!
  I want to just run and go smoke!!


He is taking jabs at my body!  That is all I will say and can say at this time  Never did I think I would have these kinds of conversations  with my partner!


I can't even get into it now.  It does hurt deeply and Im in shock over it.


On that note I'm gonna add something funny cuz I cannot write it at this time.


So I'll Just put up a quote that my mind goes to in my free time many days a week.


Random crazy moment.  I feel totally lost right now, with holidays Hubby's issues, me not smoking etc..
Yep Crazy!