December Tests

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Dec 18, 2018

The dreaded tests for December.  May they come to a rest now.  Biopsy on thyroid Dec 12th, have heard nothing.  Nice large  bruise though, sore too. 

Later I get to do a "Low dose" scan for right side of lung.  I just had 2 "high dose" x-rays for chest.  They said imagery was shadowed;  Does anyone else feel that doctors pad each others pockets with cash, via seeing doc after doc? Oh I miss the old days when one or two docs were more then plenty. I wont even mention the scopes for December, and Hubby's issues, you know, tilt table", hospital stays for his b-day, Afib, then no Afib, then vertigo, then more docs; Lord.

  Anyway I will probably Glow In The Dark When 2018 Comes To A Close.
Am I whining?   You betcha!

12DOF  Is tough business!

I do not feel blessed and smushy love" about way to much Doc and Insurance Politics.  

Happy Tuesday.   I think it's Tuesday?