Going Out Tonight!  Yayyy!!!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Dec 12, 2018

I've had a busy last weekend, with my Dad's 90th surprise party, it was a huge success.  Monday I went to see my grief councillor.  That girl is old enough to be my daughter, and we have such a great connection and she always makes me feel like a million bucks!!  I have been also busy with friends and family a ton of phone calls.  Some with good news others not so much.  I am trying to be there for everyone!!  I hope I can get myself organized for my trip Dec. 27th and still enjoy the Christmas season even without Brian.  My neighbour called me tonight to invite me out to the legion with her husband and the neighbour who also lost his wife last year at this time.  i usually try and restrict my activities, but I said yes today when she called!!!  It's coming up a New Year soon.  I'm dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time!!  Onward and Upward, life is good, eat it up!!!  Especially without the cigs!!

I am so blessed to know all of you here at EX.  Thank you for your patience and kindness!!