26 more days YET....

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 11, 2018

Today is dec. 11th 2018- NOT- jan 6th02019- end of subject! WHEW -i am glad that i passed that FACT! This is MY test to pass -  just for TODAY-12-11-2018 - i am an over comer by living in this day by Gods grace and MY reality-FACT-not feeling-feelings come and go and are fickle-FACT- for ME-i cant make it jan 6th 2019-i got to WAIT! hmmmm-i am given the gift of patience-aka-LONG SUFFERING! Thank God i have all of you to teach ME-live in TODAY just like all of you! Attitude of gratitude ADJUSTMENT-to say TODAYS DATE! AMEN