Tired of medical tests, tests,tests,...

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Dec 10, 2018


My husband and I have been put thru the ringer with medical tests.  His vertigo systems...  My scopes, biopsies,  xrays, now another low dose scan..

My lungs are a mess.  And yes, if I could get it passed my lungs I would sneak a dreaded killing, suffocating, cancerous stick of tobacco in my mouth. 

I know better now, it is much to late to keep playing that game. Those days are so over.  But for whoever, needs to know just one more. it wont hurt;  Think again!  It will, It can, and it does!

Sometimes you have to let a learned process, of addictiction and behavior, go every single moment, for the rest of your life. 
 The Good news is: The unlearning behavior  process "Can Not" kill you!!

Writing to myself, and anyone, who wants to know what I'm going thru!! As I schedule more madness in the medical testing world, from toxic waste that I have allowed myself" to put in my body!  

I will commit to parenting my mind!
They say when u first start a new rule, it is always hardest in the beginning", and gets  easier as time goes on".   So be it!!

Almost 6 DOF YES!