A Sad Day

Blog Post created by minihorses on Nov 27, 2018

My husband's younger brother Mark died in 2009.  He dealt with having juvenile diabetes beginning when he was 10 and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 years prior to his death. My husband and I found him dead a few days after Christmas. According to the EMS on hand they estimated his death being at least one week prior to that.  He always said he'd never see his 40th birthday and he was correct, he died 2 weeks beforehand. He never had a will but he had made it clear that he wanted to be cremated so we did just that. My husband and I took the job of being executors of his estate.  My mother-in-law didn't know what to do with the ashes so she decided to get a cremation box to put them in.  When she moved to the nursing home she brought them with her. 

Since her death in 2015 we brought his brother's ashes here. Mark always loved the forest. He had wanted to buy or build a log house where there were a lot of pine trees around. We weren't sure what to do with his ashes so the box has been here for the last 3 years.  I came up with the idea to spread them in the woods somewhere in the mountains.  We remembered that there is a perfect place in the foothills that has walking trails, bike trails, horse trails and camping.  He took off work today to go there.  I wanted to go but I can't stand the cold.  He said it's better that he does it alone.  Now I feel like I let him down.  I just called him and he's too far out to turn around.  I feel like a total jerk. I could have layered up. I think I'll go for a quick drive. I have to go to the grocery store anyway. 

Prayers needed today for the family and for Mark who will be put to rest shortly.