heaven bound....

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 23, 2018

TODAY-11-23-18-treasure hunted-what i want my mom said to take-my moms 86 and i am 61-mom asked me to come spend time with her-mom says she will not be here much longer-she been sick a few years-many ailments in her 86 decaying body-yet in her spirit a deep joy that breathes a peace and love beyond words and a glow of warmth thats so inviting-YET FOR ME-MY Daddy God says in MY spirit NOT YET MY BELOVED DAUGHTER-not yet-alot of goodness came from my treasure hunt-which i thanked God for His goodness in ME-to look around and see-childhood STUFF-all the things-i took and MY Daddy Gods love chose-EACH thing with a loving memory of MY young life and MY parents-who loved ME with what was given to them-in MY Lord Jesus and that he took all the evil and GAVE ME Himself to walk thru this cluttered old house of moms-filled with her love things that REMINDED her of ME-and all her 9 adult children who grew up in an alcohol and nicotine home and ALL deep ROOTS that intangled US-each-our OWN-affects to bring to OUR Lord Jesus to surrender all and ask to be heal-MY Lord healed ME and MY all of childhood memories and all in between memories of MY life then and now that service NO purpose TODAY- the things i took in MY TODAY-by Gods grace and MY Holy Comfortor-i collected-MY Gods love in all MY mommas things with her love and her biggest hug of HER TODAY-2018-NOVEMBER-to keep ME until WE meet again-OH WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY THAT WILL BE FOR ME-heaven bound-OH-HOW GOD LOVES -MY MOM and ME-thank you God for changing ME-wholly and holy healed -TODAY-in MY mind-spirit-body in MY Lord Jesus name-amen-please take what HELPS-and let go of the rest-to be HELPFUL-is MY only aim-thank you.