open and honest

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 18, 2018

when i was little-i was taught when diseaster strikes-i was to deny the TRUTH -stuff MY feelings-act as if NOTHING unusual is HAPPENING! Looking at MY childhood and the part-HONESTY and OPEN-i was taught DO NOT TALK-BE DISHONEST-FEEL REJECTED AND DO NOT INTERACT-BE UNRESPONSIVE-I prayed ask GOD to change ME-i chose to receive Jesus as MY eternal gift of salvation-His death-burial and resurrection for ME - then i got profesional help for MY childhood issues-long story short-i am participating in MY NEW LIFE TODAY-grown up inside and out-sharing MY OPEN and HONEST truthful disasters which nuture MY feelings to trust God-MYSELF-and others to step back and really LIVE fully alive to discover HARMONY-which keeps MY feelings OPENLY and HONESTLY does involve PAINFUL TRUTHS-and that is better than ME being DISHONEST and WITHDRAWN and EATING MY EMOTIOMS TODAY-I fully alive in MY life which for ME to fellowship-fully living N.O.P.E. to remain honest and open with God-ME-others-a gift i will offer ONLY BY PARTICIPATING -in MY Lord Jesus name amen please take what HELPS-let go of the rest-thank you-only by Gods grace -NEW DAY-NEW MIND-NEW CHRIST JESUS LIFE!