Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 16, 2018

A person wanting to remain-NAME LESS- shared this with WHO SO EVER- "He who frees himself of hampering regrets for the past and worry about what lies ahead finds himself able to deal with the present."  Just for TODAY-I will enjoy MY new day in His love for ME-GOD has given ME a gift-this new day to be His servant to HELP the next suffering nicotine addict-NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF OVER ME-Joel at gives his FREE book to read -i was told go READ IT -for MYSELF-I did and recently READ IT AGAIN-for MYSELF-all the deaths happening in MY family RECENTLY have triggered a HUGE MENTAL AND EMOTION spiritual war inside of ME - i was told over and over-the repeating of NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF-tells ME-I choose and have made a decision just for ME-NEVER TO USE NICOTINE AGAIN-no compromising-NEVER TAKE A PUFF-no excuses-i am feeling-NOT ONE PUFF-i will not USE people deaths-NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER -just because i am thinking ONLY OF MY UNCOMFORT IN MY OWN SKIN-POOR ME-i hurt-i feel-i am in pain-i-me-myself-poor ME-AWE-JUST ONE PUFF-23 years old is to young to die-cirrohsis of the liver to hard to deal with-MY THOUGHTS OF OLD-i have the CHOICE NOT TO THINK USING OLD NICOTINE PATTERNS-I WILL -THINK-what am i thinking about- ME-ME-ME-WHAT ABOUT ME-WHAT ABOUT ME---STOP! i made a CHOICE AND DECISION-i will NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF-or USE - no regrets-IF one of us USES NICOTINE TO COPE WITH LIFE ON LIFES TERMS-past-present or future-i will be sorry for you-as for ME- only by Gods grace-tender mercies NEW every morning to ME-I WILL NOT USE NICOTINE-over ME or YOU or any-person-place-thing-situation-circumstance-or MY stinking OLD ADDICT USING THOUGHTS-HABITS-PATTERNS-EXCUSES-I will walk N.O.P.E. in MY Lord Jesus name amen-please take what HELPS-let go of the rest-please KNOW i am talking about ME not anyone else-thank you-let love lead and not USE nicotine as an excuse-time to grow up and remember it aint all about-YOU-its about God and he is about -ALL PEOPLE-who are in bondage to nicotine addiction! Go set people free-share YOUR experience of nicotine addiction with some ONE! Give away what was FREELY given to YOU!