better....NOT bitter

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 12, 2018

Please i am talking about ME only-not anybody else-please take what HELPS and let go of the rest-thank you-TODAY-i am better NOT bitter-i use to be a victim 4 year old child in an adult body-i use to use nicotine to hate and rage from MY ignorance at all people from roots of fears of the unknown-TODAY-i take MY own sin inventory NOT anyone elses-i dont live in yesterdays-i dont let MY emotions lead ME-i tell them what to do-i dont live in MY future TODAY-i pray in the present NOW of MY day-TODAY-i dont smoke at people -i learned ever so SLOWLY-to surrender to God MY playing God in other adults lives-God humbles ME in His love and truth-there is a Saviour and i aint Him-i surrender all MYSELF to MY Lord Jesus and i obey MY Holy Counselor to listen without criticism and deranged twisted emotionalism-only by Gods grace i am constantly changed inside out to be of love service-to share what i use to be like-i use nicotine all the day long-i was a 4 year old victim of many evil abuses in an ADULT body with a twisted mind and a stoney heart-that blamed God and them-those people-so i used nicotine like a pacifier-only to learn by educating MYSELF-about MY nicotine addiction-i am a recovering nicotine addict-TODAY-i thank God MY daughters cirrohsis is between God and her-i mind MY own business-TODAY-i learn that GOD is in complete control of MY family-i let go of them and enjoy MY day-i pray and let love lead by keeping MY hands off ALL people-i use to TRY playing God-TODAY-i mind MY own day and TRY to love and be HELPFUL-what i use to be like and just for TODAY-i surrender to God MY past-present and future-to let God keep ME clothed in His love strength and honor in MY Lord Jesus name to never take another puff ever over ME-N.O.P.E.-Gosh it is wonderful to WALK in HIS LOVE-and to live and let live as an ADULT inside out and to WALK as an ADULT inside out-let go and let God-i am thankful to God i no longer take hostages! in MY Lord Jesus namd amen