Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 10, 2018

ONE MOMENT I was sleeping and the next up and praying-i am dealing with accepting what MY 33yr old daughter decides HOW she CHOOSES to make her OWN decisions living with cirrohsis of the liver-i stay in prayer as MY mom heart is long suffering at MY powerlessness over alcohol-nicotine-and cirrohsis of the liver-the decision she makes for the time to be on life support and telling ME her decisions and asking ME to carry them out-i agree to her way and pray to behave by asking MY Holy Comfortor to lead and teach ME to be of loving service with a good attitude in MY Lord Jesus name amen-NOT ONCE DID I THINK OF USING DRUG-MY DRUG NICOTINE TO COPE-i came here to TRY and help some ONE to believe -smoking is not MY option-this ONE MOMENT-dealing with MY life is painful-yet some ONE is worst off-who needs a liver transplant-33yr young at her OWN hands used alcohol to cope and suffers her OWN consequences with strength dignity and love-only by Gods grace and ALL OF YOU HERE-dealing with EACH of your crosses to bear-i learn to HELP the next suffering nicotine addict to hope-if i can-you can- WE will NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER-NOT ONE PUFF EVER-thank you all for shining YOUR LIGHT OF LOVE AND PRAYERS FOR ALL IN THIS MONENT OF MINE-N.O.P.E. Is shining continually -so please keep blogging BEFORE you use-and let US be of love service to you-thank you-please take what HELPS and let go of the rest-thank you.