Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 7, 2018

HEALTHY is having a good bowel movement-for ME-i so appreciate MY body - i pray to God ask for help in MY Lord Jesus name and ask MY Holy Comfortor to TEACH ME to do MY part - pray - exercise - pray for others - pray to eat more veggies and more fruit - i do this - MY ACTION - part and this ACTION eating HEALTHY i gained 5 pounds dealing and staying in MY FACT AND REALITY - Judy dying from 50 years of SMOKING DEATH STICKS-but for the grace of God go I - i weigh 205 today and thats OK-for ME-i aint 275 anymore-i aint using NICOTINE over any of the consequences of MY choices-TODAY and i am SO GRATEFUL FOR A HEALTHY BOWEL MOVEMENT! I am grateful to be aware of praying each time i wantd to STUFF MYSELF with sweets instead of being RESPONSIBLE for MY feelings and i will NOT let them lead ME any longer-i have made the decision to NOT STUFF MY feelings-i feel them express them and let them GO and through out MY ONE DAY I am responsible for ONLY ME-it is so wonderful to be grown up and deal with life as it comes and to share what i use to be like and how God has changed ME inside and to be grateful i am NOT smoking in the bathroom cuz TODAY MY poop doesnt stink-eating HEALTHY did that for ME and MY poop floats and is- -HEALTHY POOP FOR ME IS GOOD-thanks for letting ME be ME! Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest-thank you!