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YAWN.... YOUR CHOICE-NOW YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN EXCUSE NO ONE TOL D YOU... YAWN....I started MY new day by prayer and spending time worshiping God by exercising this body -which belongs to God -which GOD PAID A HIGH PRICE by crucifying his one and only son for the WHOLE human race - and when you CHOOSE to believe by reading the bible-read it for yourself- 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4-we are under Gods grace NOT the law-this 1 Corinthians chapter verses 1-4 which is Apostle Paul gospel of grace-when you choose to believe what you read in that chapter and verses-you are eternally saved by your own belief-you take God at his word-FREE WILL -to believe or not - its that simple but its ALL ON EACH HUMAN- FREE ETERNAL SALVATION to believe or not - just like when EACH of us chose to believe or not those who say-i have not used nicotine for 7 YEARS-the doubt is there so I keep reading for MYSELF and when i finish reading the blog-then i decide for MYSELF! I chose to believe the elders blogs with their experience-strength-hope-love-fellowship-for ME - ALSO it was SUGGESTED-for ME-to read the bible for ME- so I did and the rest is history-i chose eternal salvation with GOD-instead of eternal separation from GOD-EVERY HUMAN WILL STAND BEFORE JESUS FOR THEIR OWN CHOOSING  - just like EACH of us choose to breathe or continue USING NICOTINE to die AN EARLY DEATH-FREE WILL - Its all on you- to take God at his word- or NOT! AINT FREE WILL something-NO ONE TO BLAME BUT OURSELVES! Continue to use NICOTINE and continue to walk in UNBELIEF! Choices-EACH PERSON-and the consequences of that choices-Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest-thank you.