Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 2, 2018

TRUSTING all those with YEARS not using nicotine to take all their EXPERIENCE and SUGGESTIONS and READ THEIR BLOGS before I use and to BLOG before I CHOOSE TO USE- today-nov. 2 - 2018-is the gathering of INTIMACY of BLOOD FAMILY relationship and discussing Judy passing at 62yr YOUNG from lung cancer- SOME of these humans are  ACTIVE NICOTINE USERS-and thats OK-THEIR FREE WILL CHOICE-I have TRUE INTIMACY RELATIONSHIPS HERE with all of you-TRUE inner SELF - love honesty courage to admit complete defeat reguarding NICOTINE - all the ELDERS continue by their ACTION to teach real INTIMACY in any relationship is with SELF- INSIDE - living a life as NON SMOKERS TODAY and that includes all humans who have a desise not to use nicotine just for today-because you didnt use cuz someone died and with your experience with death you blog and share and give away your heart in love to teach ME- that I to can share and I would be INTIMATE with you in this relationship to admit MY own defeat to share MY inner most fears that i am scared i may use NICOTINE to cope - and your INTIMACY with ME was the love given to you-NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER-over you or life on lifes terms-you didnt- so thank you all for teaching ME to be INTIMATE-inside out-to continue to BUILD INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICTS TODAY! True intimacy for ME is MY relationships that keep ME growing in GODS GRACE AND LOVE BY STAYING QUIT NO MATTER WHAT-TOGETHER! Thanks for all you do in building bridges to recovery from NICOTINE by your being INTIMATE builders from your experience in dealing with death of loved ones by sharing and caring. Yall are the BEST!