Control & Freedom

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Aug 19, 2018

      I was a smoker for 40 years. I thought I was a smart smoker.

I bought 100's and only smoked them halfway down thinking the further away from the cherry, the safer the smoke and my lungs. I was aware I was smoking 5 good puffs for the feeling. I like many, didn't think about smoking any more than that, if they even thought about it that much.


      I never considered it controlled me although I did go outside during intermissions to smoke. 


      What I've learned is, it does control you and, I believe other than PREVENTING OBVIOUSLY KNOWN HEALTH RISKS, that removing it's control is the greatest success for your self esteem.


Let's talk about smoking's control.

Cigarettes were on our mind 20 times a day more or less.

>When we thought of smoking, most of us had to stop what we we're doing to go smoke.

>If we couldn't stop the task or end the conversation, we thought about smoking until we could smoke. That wait is what made smoking "the reward."

That is control perceived or not.


Other ways smoking controlled us

>The special trips to the store just for smokes.

>Wondering if you had enough left to get you through the night and the next         morning until you could get to the store.

>The yearly costs which could have gone to other things like a real vacation.




Freedom is your hope and hope is your freedom.

That is what we strive to inspire in you.


Regarding my methods: Some think I can be harsh. That is not my intent.

      I would never hurt anyone's feelings over what they had done or not done regarding their quit but, I'm not a fawner. (I do love those here who can be both the fawner and the helper. Hopefully, I've helped teach them something.)

I will ask questions if I think I can help someone who smoked understand how their thinking made them smoke and how to prevent them from "getting to the point of crossing the line" in the future.


Not Critical, Analytical