Day 10!

Blog Post created by BryceEvans on Aug 16, 2018

It’s been 10 days since my last cigarette and I’m loving the life of a non-smoker. I’m starting to get more energy, and I can go out and do things with my family without stopping to smoke before/after. 


Here are a few coping methods I’ve found effective:


1. Deep breathing

when I start craving, I take some deep breaths and try to imagine how much the health of my lungs has improved.


2. Go do something

This isn’t very effective at night, but after work if I start craving it’s usually because I’m not busy enough. I found it helpful to get up and do something. Sometimes I’ll load up the kayak and take it out for an hour or two before sun down, other times it’s just weeding the garden or organize the garage for a little.


3. Food 

i know this isn’t the ideal method, but there is a time and place for this one. I use it very seldom. Just snack! I snack on more healthy choices like peanuts or fruit and it is a good method to fix that late night nicotine craving.