Feeling Accountable to someone now

Blog Post created by SMTP on Aug 15, 2018

Well it's my day 3. Late afternoon and evenings are tough for me. I work alone from home most days and the reward cycle begins like many when this time comes. But, I am going to yoga again and it is so sweaty and exhausting that smoking a cigarette would feel gross, so I use it to stop the desire and it works.  Just to get some time under my belt before I go out into the world and face all the traffic where I live, hating where I live, feel trapped, angry etc...anyway, I am blogging since you told me too and now I feel I have someone out there...many...who care and there is some accountability. I used to say to myself  "how can I depend on myself when I am so undependable to myself?" Asking the addict to guide you out of addiction doesn't work.  Getting all your kind responses to my first post really gave me a boost to keep going just for today.....  thanks.