(:(:(: We finally wised up :):):)

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Aug 7, 2018

It's been a long weekend here yesterday was a Civic holiday it was New Brunswick day Mark headed back to work today poor guy it's been crazy hot and humid again just plain sticky which most of you are Experiencing as well BUT just like quitting smoking Mark and I finally wised up on Saturday and bought a damned air conditioner  and it feels heavenly and I can't for the life of me figure out what took us so long because just like quitting smoking once the house cooled down which took awhile BUT WOW I can breathe so much better we bought a 8000 btu one which is able keep the living room, dining room and kitchen cool we blocked the back end of the house off where the bedrooms are but with Window and ceiling fans it's pretty good for sleeping on Sunday we cooked beets from the garden  a good chunk of the day and pressure cooked a batch of yellow and green beans and YAY the house stayed nice and comfortable   hummmmm just like quitting smoking why did we wait so damned long being so uncomfortable with so many people telling us that we'd love it BUT I guess we had to figure it out for ourselves and wowser I'm so glad that we finally did, we hit 100 °F  with the humidity yesterday we may get a little higher than that today which is abnormal for this region BUT YAY and YAY again for Smokefree living and yay for each and every Day WON AND YAY for wising up and buying an air conditioner.