Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 4, 2018

Today I haven't used nicotine.....Today I have prayed and rejoiced with others who have not used their drug of choice NICOTINE.....Today I have shared with all others who are suffering from the NEED to be be a friend that on life's terms...Today I have asked God to HELP ME DO ALL THE ABOVE ACTION IN faith in MY Lord Jesus and his name and MY Holy Comforter's in ME who gives HIS fruit in ME.... love... joy... peace...faithfulness...goodness.. kindness...self control...gentleness and long suffering also know as patience MORE AND MORE to keep growing and sharing with anyone who WANTS NICOTINE praying to be a generous giver to anyone... who likes reading what I use to be like and what I am like today and ever changing more day by day........I had MY first death stick at age four....I was sent to pick up cig butts off the street for MY grandma who said....take this empty coffee can and go pick up every cigarette butt on the street that you can find and bring it back to me when it is I did and BEFORE bringing it to her..... I went and smoked some cig butts for wasn't hard since most of blood family members taught ME by their ACTIONS of using nicotine daily...since I was such an obedient child of 4 years old.....Today I pray to be MORE obedient to God at age 61 and blog BEFORE I take one puff over ME....Today I share that I went to any length to use NICOTINE and Today I am a RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT....that admits I NEED ALL OF YOUR I choose to go to any length to STAY NON SMOKER living this day only...You ALL here staying quit no matter what....BY YOUR ACTIONS... BLOGGING TO HELP ALL WHO SUFFER FROM day at a time... ALL OF YOU HERE DAY BY DAY ARE MY examples to follow your ACTIONS BLOG...DISCUSSIONS...QUESTIONS AND SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A NON SMOKER LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME...Today I choose to share MY OLD NICOTINE STORIES.. to help ME to remember NICOTINE is subtle and so sneaky it will whisper....remember when you will TRY to convince ME to hang with ACTIVE USERS and tell ME.....YOU CAN SHARE WITH THEM HOW YOU QUIT.....before I am BITTEN BY THIS LIE........ I pray and RUN TO GOD FIRST AND ASK FOR HIS be thankful for his grace and to ...remember I CANNOT CHANGE ANY HUMAN BEINGS MIND....GOD ALONE CAN...Today I share... how I live this day sharing MY experience and hope with ALL. Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim.....YOUR SHARING TAUGHT ME TO DO THE SAME.....NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER.....NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME. Thank you ALL so much for SHARING YOUR ACTION.......LOVE.....LOVE.....LOVE!