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Please I am talking about ME and no one else and to be HELPFUL is MY only aim....thank you.


When I first HAD to quit using MY drug of choice nicotine......I was not MY house it was the rent or buy MY CARTON OF DEATH STICKS.....we had down sized and with the kids all grown it was just MY husband and need for two cars...two bedrooms...two WE made a decision together to let go of a lot of extra spending just to we were living the life.....I was the best homemaker and he was the money provider for all of our daily NEEDS.....then one payday he was going over the finances and stated that WE could not afford to pay rent and get MY DRUG NICOTINE.....2010 for ME it was 75.00 a for a carton of DEATH STICKS.....He said I could get a job IF I still wanted to continue to smoke. I loved MY new life as a doing whatever I wanted throughout the day.....NOT WITHOUT USING MY DRUG NICOTINE....MY BEST FRIEND TO HELP ME COPE WITH OTHER HUMANS AND way and yet in MY HEART I KNEW THIS WAS THE I attempted to stop using 50 DEATH STICKS A DAY AND TO CONTINUE TO EXERCISING EVERYDAY.....I got down to 2-3 DEATH STICKS A DAY!

I couldn't get those 2-3 DEATH STICKS I would get ONE MORE PACK.....this went on for days and then I just fell to MY knees on MY kitchen floor and pray out loud in complete defeat I was powerless over MY DRUG OF CHOICE NICOTINE....I said Dear Jesus if you don't take these cigs from ME I will smoke them until I drop dead in Jesus name amen.....I woke up the next day on Jan 6, 2011 with a COLD TURKEY QUIT....only by Gods grace I have VICTORY IN CHRIST by day I have been coming to this site since...... Oct 2010.....YES...I was still using MY DRUG NICOTINE 2-3 DEATH STICKS A DAY AND READING THE BLOGS.

This was MY beginning on this site and only by Gods grace I have been coming back to HELP ALL those who think they CANNOT QUIT NICOTINE......I BELIEVE..... by sharing what happen to ME and for ME.....I pray everyday to be of service to ALL who suffer from NICOTINE ADDICTION.

Thanks for letting ME share and please read the BLOGS WRITTEN BY ALL THOSE BEFORE AND AFTER ME.... there is HOPE....I thought to MYSELF...... if others can quit using NICOTINE so can I....I needed support and still do daily to STAY IN MY VICTORY with ALL those here....... WHO WANT TO STAY QUIT NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS AT US.....WE CAN BE VICTORY WITH EACH OTHER IN LOVE LOVE giving it all away for the JOY OF VICTORY DAY BY DAY STAYING TOGETHER IN UNITY OF NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF....NOT ONE PUFF EVER......VICTORY TOGETHER AS ONE!