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Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jul 16, 2018

Not one more excuse to hate myself and to continue to fight God for loving me. I choose his love and acceptance to let him love my 220lbs of unperfect human becoming -all my life I was told I was fat - I wasnt until after I kids then the gain lose gain lose merry go round diets bingin not eating started skinny fat etc - self hate rooted deep in me - I just am in constant battle of FOOD issues of the past OLD HABIT PATTERNS- today i surrender to God all myself HATE for not being a perfect size that family said I am suppose to be in their eyes- i ask God to help me love n acept me just like he does-today i am ok n i have decided to stop hating me for not being perfect SKINNY-I AM 220lbs - i exercise 3xs a week-i eat healthier - i am NOT what I use to be 275lbs-i have been consistant exercising with leslie sansone walking dvds since august 2010 using 50 cigs a day and thanks to MY LORD JESUS who gave me a cold turkey quit Jan 6 2011-i do NOT use 50 cigs with my walking dvds - along with this support group family and praying GOD willing I will not self hate any longer for today GOD in Christ Jesus finished work on the Cross for me loves me just as i am-his beloved 220lbs child in Christ! I thank God I aint what i use to weigh 275lbs and one day at a time i am 220lbs n on my way to 219lbs- ONE POUND AT A TIME AND ONE DAY AT A TIME AND I CHOOSE NOT TO USE NICOTINE over my weight or over ME and my attitudes in MY Lord Jesus name amen