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Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Jul 30, 2018

Waiting is the toughest MINDSET for ME-I get up early to do a load of wash-RULE #1-NO using machines until 7am-WAITING-I prayed-bathrm-got dressed-made bed-sortee laundry again-answered text-then came on here to help-I am WAITING for news from MY husband-dr. apptmnt not til 2pm today for check up-WAITING until ALL believers are raptured by OUR Lord Jesus-soon and what a DAY of rejoicing that will be-when WE all see Jesus-ALL are given the FREE GIFT OF SALVATION-please read for yourself the Bible in First Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 its that simple you choose of your own free will to take God at his word and choose to believe or not believe-now I am WAITING for - more day light to head out and go walking-gosh I am so grateful to walk-talk-see-hear-eat-exercise-to be WAITING to hear from ALL of you-what you WAITING for in this day?


Tired after you quit?

Posted by freeneasy Jul 29, 2018

I always thought that sleepiness, when you stop using nicotine, occurs because it's a  stimulant, but there may be more to it than that. Here's a link to an article I found when posting a comment on a blog asking for help regarding feeling sleepy after quitting.  I used an NRT and when I stopped it I would get so tired that I would doze off at my workstation and even have to pull over while driving. Once I think I even dozed off for a moment on a busy interstate! It still scares me when I think about that. Here's a link to an article I found that gives another reason. It doesn't mention anything about research but it may still be useful

It doesn't matter where you are in your precious quit journey whether you're on day 1 day 10 day 100, 1000 or whatever ever, what matters is that you've made the best decision that you'll ever make in your lifetime because by quitting smoking you've given yourself the gift of LIFE which I consider the one gift that'll keep on giving day after day week after week month after month and Lord willing year after year so be proud of yourself no matter where you are in your quit! I think it's super fantastic at the end of the day to be able to look yourself in the mirror and smile and say yay for another Day WON or if you happen to be on Day ONE you can smile at your Day WON with many more to come. I remember my early days and weeks of quitting smoking and how difficult it was at times BUT I also know that it's very Doable and totally worth it to be Free so hang tough because there's definetly Life after Cigarettes and it's soooooooo very worth it to continue stacking up those precious DOF because living LIFE on LIFE'S Terms is awesome....

I like to find the good in every situation and with the heat and the humidity lately it's been difficult then I'm realizing hmmmm I might have to look a little deeper for the good   so I came across this pic and decided I'd rather have the humidity because I'll be dealing with Winter soon enough & No matter what the weather or anything else all of us can deal with life on life's terms without the crutch of cigarettes, YAY and YAY again for Smokefree living. .....

MY new non smoker living is really enjoyable this DAY....I am so grateful for the support family here and other recovery sites.....God has blessed ME with limitless serenity and contentment this DAY....January 6, 2011 MY Lord Jesus blessed ME with a COLD TURKEY QUIT and God willing I have prayed to STAY QUIT by praying for other who suffer from nicotine addiction and I try each day to be of service in love to all by giving away all I have been given by sharing MY experience strength and hope with any whosoevers want to stop using nicotine....just a grateful member saying thank you to God and to all here for helping ME STAY QUIT NO MATTER WHAT......thanks again for letting ME be ME and share the love love love.....gentle hug.


The Dream

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Jul 21, 2018

Good day EXer’s!!!


I hope all is well with you. Me? I’ve been living the dream of freedom that I began fighting for over seven years ago. And that freedom was nothing but a concept once upon a time. When I first quit smoking, I really did dream of the freedom that I would find in the end. It was like a desire that I wanted to make a reality.


Like so many, I was scared of the process of quitting. I was terrified of failure. And I still believed that I “enjoyed” smoking. That I was losing something, rather than gaining everything.  Yes, I was indeed deep in the throws of the addiction that I spent so long creating.


But still, I had this nagging dream of freedom. This little crack in my addiction that kept making me think of quitting. I managed to brush it off for quite a few months as I fed my addiction and strengthened that addiction every time I thought of the dream. But thankfully, that dream just kept appearing, never giving me any peace even as I told myself how happy and content I was as an addict, chained to my addiction.


Soon, that nagging dream of freedom began to become important to me, and I’d daydream of a life free of addiction. Over time, that dream began to feel more tangible. I began to believe that I’d like to experience this concept called freedom first hand. I worked past my fears and suddenly realized, as if a cloud had been lifted from my mind that I could actually make this dream a reality!


I was truly scared when I began preparing to find my dream. One thing I was certain of. I was onto something. There was a shining beacon just begging me to grasp it. To take that first step on a path that I realized was an incredibly important path because this path was the way to find my dream; to grab ahold of it and make it a reality.


I will admit, when I took the first step onto the path of freedom, I was a little nervous. After all, I was creating change and change is always scary. But I did it. The patch helped me to believe that I could. Like a crutch for a person who must heal a broken leg or perhaps a means to keep the addiction enough at bay that I could stay focused on the dream.


Like all of us, I found those first days to be confusing and intense. But like before, that dream of freedom kept creeping in, reminding me of why I chose to take this journey. And yes! I would see my future without cigarettes and over time, I even saw that future with a smile on my face!


I remember the days of thinking, “One day at a time, one hour at a time” or even one minute at a time. And I have to tell you. As the days continued to pass, it became easier to focus on that dream of freedom. It became a goal to get there. I called that goal Mt. Freedom and I’ll never forget the day that I truly believed I was free, for you see that was the day that I could completely focus on my dream of freedom. That was the day that I realized that I’d been free for awhile. I was just afraid to see it.


Never believe for a moment that your choice to quit was or is a bad decision. Never doubt the dream because I can tell you from experience that this is the place you want to be. On the other side of addiction, grinning from ear to ear because of the accomplishment of finding a way through slavery.


And that dream is everything I ever thought it would be. I smile a lot. I laugh a lot and yes, I perceive and appreciate my freedom in ways that only one who was once enslaved can.


Keep that dream of freedom close at all times and before long you too will be living that incredible life that’s just waiting for you. All you have to do is grab hold of that dream, keep in in the forefront of your thoughts and one day you too will realize the reality; the happiness that is freedom!!





The magic is in the mind

Posted by Court09 Jul 20, 2018

Some part of me recognizes that, and I think that was part of what Allen Carr was trying to say. Well actually, he did say it in so many words. If you quit with a feeling of doom and gloom, "I suppose I can try it, but it probably won't work", or " if it doesn't happen this time, then I'll figure something out", it's just not going to work. I was so excited when I quit, using that book. "Omg, I don't have to smoke anymore!". "I just walked that whole hill without being even slightly winded!". "I didn't even realize that had a smell". "I'm so glad I'm free".


As a pessimist, I struggle with running with the positive. But it really is necessary. There are other areas of my life where I have succeeded with sheer determination, failure was just not an option. I need to apply that to quitting. I've made other lifestyle changes, I need to apply that to quitting (minus the 80/20 rule). But on top of that, I need to stop looking at the whole mountain, and just listen to the wind in the trees as I walk. Stop wondering how far up the summit is, and listen to my feet as they touch the ground. The view at the top is going to be worth the time it takes to get there.


Find the thing you think you will love most about not smoking, and run with it. I think it's that I'm happier on the other side. I'm not sure why, but it seems to bring back happy emotions from childhood. I don't know how to explain that, but it reminds me of being a carefree 10 year old. I'm also not wasting roughly three hours a day mindlessly lighting cigarettes. Annnnd now my rock solid plan is becoming stronger by the day. I'm still building the bricks though. Ugh, story for another day, but there is so much symbolism going on in my life right now that it's crazy  There are no coincidences.

Not one more excuse to hate myself and to continue to fight God for loving me. I choose his love and acceptance to let him love my 220lbs of unperfect human becoming -all my life I was told I was fat - I wasnt until after I kids then the gain lose gain lose merry go round diets bingin not eating started skinny fat etc - self hate rooted deep in me - I just am in constant battle of FOOD issues of the past OLD HABIT PATTERNS- today i surrender to God all myself HATE for not being a perfect size that family said I am suppose to be in their eyes- i ask God to help me love n acept me just like he does-today i am ok n i have decided to stop hating me for not being perfect SKINNY-I AM 220lbs - i exercise 3xs a week-i eat healthier - i am NOT what I use to be 275lbs-i have been consistant exercising with leslie sansone walking dvds since august 2010 using 50 cigs a day and thanks to MY LORD JESUS who gave me a cold turkey quit Jan 6 2011-i do NOT use 50 cigs with my walking dvds - along with this support group family and praying GOD willing I will not self hate any longer for today GOD in Christ Jesus finished work on the Cross for me loves me just as i am-his beloved 220lbs child in Christ! I thank God I aint what i use to weigh 275lbs and one day at a time i am 220lbs n on my way to 219lbs- ONE POUND AT A TIME AND ONE DAY AT A TIME AND I CHOOSE NOT TO USE NICOTINE over my weight or over ME and my attitudes in MY Lord Jesus name amen


Yul Brener

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Jul 14, 2018

I remember his commercial saying - dont smoke - he died from lung cancer - A SEED planted in MY mind when I was 13 - I started to smoke at 14 - cigs were 75 cents a pack - I became addicted to nicotine making sure I got MY drug NICOTINE before food or family NEEDS - YEARS later I saw a commercial - this man TRYING to drink a cup of coffee and kept missing his mouth - the announcer said - when you first quit smoking its hard to drink a cup of coffee but you can learn - SEED planted - it was done by becomeanX - YEARS ago -I have been coming here since and I thank God for all of you who are sharing SEEDS of staying quit NEW mindsets for all who want to LEARN a new way of thinking someone elses way that keeps ME with them in ONE MIND SET IN UNITY to agree -Not One Puff Ever - another seed planted in love for all who suffer from NICOTION ADDICTION - thanks and please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - a BIG thank to God for this on line support group - in MY Lord Jesus name amen



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Jul 10, 2018

I am so grateful to be ALIVE!

I am soo very excited today!  Tomorrow I get on a plane to fly to a Art Doll Convention!  This was my original incentive to quit smoking 5 months ago!!  My hubby told me that I could use the money I saved.  That money bought me a round trip plane fare across country, it bought me passes to all the events, (Ice cream party,  baby shower and awards banquet)  It paid for my entry fee for my contest babies, (two!)  And it paid for my class fee for an advanced rooting class with a master reborn artest!  I guess when you are excited you want to smoke...but then I got excited and forgot!!!
Cricket 149 DOF

On Wednesdays, my best friend and her husband have a small potluck get together that we call happy hour.  There are about 14 of us that always participate.  There isn't one smoker in the group!  Last night as I was getting ready to leave, Freddie said to wait just a minute.  She went into her house and came out with a beautiful gift bag .  She told me to get into the center of everyone and she said that she was so proud of me for making it almost 1 month smoke free.  Everyone started clapping and I felt so happy.  Freddie knows how I love to read fantasy themed books...I read a lot more since I quit smoking.  In the bag were 2 fantasy themed books written by a gentleman who is a seasonal resident here.  She got him to sign the books. What a great surprise 

Deborah 27 DOF 



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Jul 1, 2018

Good day EXer’s!!


I’ve got one more blog in me before a very busy week starts. There was a time when a busy week was just a little harder to plan for. Had to stock up on cigarettes because lord knows, I’d never want to run out of them in those days. And of course all the planning that goes with figuring out when the next cigarette will be available. I even remember how my work goal had nothing at all to do with work. No, my goals were all addiction based. When I would have my next cigarette was always the goal for me, once upon a time.


This is the life of an addict. Always working on the most important thing. Keeping the addiction fed and alive. Funny how our priorities can change when we’re addicted. Actually, it’s not funny at all!


When I chose to take my life back from addiction, I found no humor in it. Instead, I found fear. Fear of failure. Fear of discomfort. Fear of change. But mostly, I’d thought about quitting so many times in the past that my mind just didn’t believe that I could quit. Somehow, it made no sense to quit. And then the coughing started. Hours of it every morning. The hours of coughing as I smoked in the morning became a ritual. Soon my addicted mind was convinced that even this new ritual of removing toxins from my lungs by coughing for hours every morning wasn’t enough to get me to quit at first.


I say at first because in the end, that horrible cough was enough to convince me that I had to make a hard choice. I had to decide if my comfort was more important than my health. And I saw myself in the future, wearing my oxygen full time, and more importantly, I saw the looks that my children were giving me in that future, and in their eyes I could see a mixture of sadness, pity and yes anger that I could take my own life away from them.


And then I observed myself smokefree, frolicking with the grandkids and in that image there were so many smiles and there seemed to be so much peace and happiness. This was enough to convince me to call the quitline and seriously consider my quit. Was I scared? I was horrified. Did I know what I was afraid of? Yes. It was change.


And so I prepared for that change. During my preparation even as I still smoked, I prepared for those first hard days. Most of what I did is in my early blogs on my page but the bottom line is that when I quit, I was as ready as any neophyte could be. I pretty much understood what was going to happen, but I hadn’t yet lived the life of an addict who is losing a strong addiction.


This is when I learned that no matter how much we prepare, actually quitting is a new experience. And with any new experience comes a kind of fear of the unknown. What amazed me was that the first week wasn’t nearly as hard as I’d imagined it to be in my mind. The second week was actually harder for me I think, but over time as a few months passed, I treated the internal argument that we all must face as a learning experience.


And I started listening to what this nagging voice in my head was saying and you know what? Those secondary thoughts were completely confusing to me. They were actually incoherent, disassociated thoughts. Fragments of a world I had just left and yet these thoughts still had a kind of power over me.


This was because I gave these fragmented thoughts, or rather brain impulses a voice and not only that, my mind interpreted that voice as telling me to smoke. But when I really listened to that voice and what it was saying, those thoughts were completely confusing.


It’s kind of interesting as I reflect back over the years of my quit. Much of what I know now, I didn’t even notice during my quit but when I reflect back, I see it. Kind of like being on the outside looking in. Something I couldn’t do while I was in the middle of the fight.


I think that’s why I write these blogs. Because perhaps I’ve learned something in reflection that others may not be able to see as they fight the good fight.


The main thing to remember is that the effects of the addiction does end. And when it does, you might not even notice it. For me it was after a few years that I realized that I’d been truly free for quite some time. It’s just that as the changes of quitting an addiction became my normal life, I simply forgot I was fighting it and when that happened, I was free!!


Stay vigilant, remember your reasons for wanting to quit and without even realizing it, you too will be free and I’ll tell you, there’s no better feeling. The day you put out that last cigarette is the day that you change your life forever!!





Hard time Sleeping

Posted by Leo0817 Jun 30, 2018

So last night I had a difficult time sleeping. I just kept tossing and turning and dreaming about smoking a cigarette. Today is Day 2 for me and it's hard I can honestly say. However I guess when you have your reasons behind you to motivate you, it becomes different your drive to succeed. I guess the hardest part was making the decision when I woke up yesterday was to be tobacco free. I'm a person that's always surrounded by tobacco. Only place I am not is at home. So I stay in the house and do t socialize because I don't feel like I'm ready for that right now. Can't wait to make it to day 8. 2 down 6 to go. I'ma get so freaking huge!!! That's why I walk 1mile to work and 1 mile from work. Hope I can sleep good tonight

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