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The Encourager,       

Look at this number October 1, 2004, the oldest quit of the Elders, 4 months shy of 14 years of freedom 

There is no wondering why he is so cool, calm and collected.  Just a downhome guy with downhome "just sayings".

Mike is here for us. If you are down he will pull you up.  Those simple words, "Keep on keepin on" do make a difference. 

I know, they did for me.  Mike keeps it simple with no frills, no bars holding, straightforward and honest words of encouragement which I believe is the way he lives.  No tongue biting when telling the truth and makes no EXcuses because he knows the seriousness of death associated with smoking.  Along with being a great storyteller, we are blessed with his humor and his "Just Sayin" quotes. Let's continue to show love and appreciation for  Mike.n.Atlanta.  He is still ACTIVE , giving support.  Thank you, Mike, you are one of the best!

Just a few excerpts of Mike's "Truism "

  • We all end up the same unless we take control. Until we realize that we do have the strength to quit. Until we realize that urges aren’t painful & that they are not a command. Until we realize that we don’t HAVE to smoke. Until we realize there’s nothing to fear. Until we resolve to make a sincere commitment that will change our lives & promise ourselves that we will protect it at any cost. It takes all of these things & more.
  • One may have hesitations about tackling difficult tasks before quitting, but they seem a lot less formidable after a successful quit of any length. EX members have accomplished a great deal personally because of the confidence & strength they've found in themselves because of this process. Find yourself. I'll say it again...it ain't all about quitting.
  • If you really want to be smoke-free you will find a way. If not...you'll find an excuse. Keep on keepin' on


Mike.n.Atlanta is a great writer and storyteller. 

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