The First One

Blog Post created by shashort on Jun 7, 2018

In my smoking days I would have had 4-6 or more lung related illnesses in 1 year with at least one or more requiring hospitalization. I have to say I have been quit for 755 days, a little over 2 years and just now experiencing my first lung related illness. It started with allergies, high pollen counts then into COPD exacerbation and now into pneumonia. So I spent most of weekend in bed. Went to Doctor yesterday and she blasted me with 60mg of Predisone, antibiotics, doing nebulizer treatments. Oh the memories of the effects of predisone, the shakes, and jitters ARGH!!  So in my smoking days this episode would have landed me in ER because I would keep on puffing on those cigarettes and then my lungs and body would not heal.  So today, I am thankful I don't put that nasty junk in my lungs. I am very grateful for my freedom and do know this too shall pass, The meds have kicked in and I am starting to feel better. So in the mean time I will just do the predisone jitter dance until it passes.  Thankful for this being the first episode in 2 years. It is great to breath and I am healthier than I have been for years!!  To the Newbies it is so worth all the effort you have to put up with in the beginning and know it will pass.  Just have to be willing to do whatever it takes to stay free. Make your committment and honour it and I promise you won't regret it.