never give up

Blog Post created by newlife5 on May 28, 2018

i joined this site 7 years and 5 months ago... so that is how long i have been seriously quitting smoking... i failed .. many times... and i had to deal  with eyes rolling  when i would try again.. jokes from nonbelievers.. shame from another failed i am 4 years and about  8 months quit... there are still people that dont believe i quit.. but you know what.. i dont care... since quitting i am a new person.. i will never go back... i will never take that just one puff... i am so happy to be quit it is one of the hardest and most rewarding things i have ever my entire life... i smoked for 43 years and dont know how much time i have left in this world ... but it will be smoke free...  thats for whatever you do dont give up



love izzy