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"We start dying from the day we are born."


      I had a guy on Quora say that in defense of having a couple cigarettes a day.


      Someone asked if a couple cigarettes a day were bad for you and I explained one cigarette can cause a heart attack or stroke and that your risks for both are substantially increased by smoking one or two a day.


      This guy says it isn't so and I tell him to google it and get back to me.

While he was doing this, I found at least 6 links backing up what I said. (these are 2018 articles based upon new studies.)


      He comes back with (only) one of the links and says "It only mentions one cigarette can cause a stroke in the title."  I tell him he needs to go to all the links I found and tell them they are wrong.


Then he comes back with this


"We start dying from the day we are born"


He doesn't understand


Cold turkey is hard

Posted by Melissapowell May 21, 2018

As I have mentioned I quit cold turkey 38 days ago. My brain wants me to go ahead and get some nicotine gum or a patch or something to help my intense cravings. I’ve made it so far though without nicotine. I’m so tempted though. Ugh    

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