This Wise Elder is......

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 18, 2018

A Warrior!

It's what he does and what others say about him that speaks volume.   

Here are a few adjectives to describe him:

Courageous, Steadfast, Dependable, Humble, Focused, Unselfish, Dedicated, Unwavering.

Every morning this courageous warrior is the first one front and center to greet us 

He is steadfast in his messages of light, life, peace, hope, and joy.  

We look forward to and depend on his daily brief messages. 

He is humble for his messages aren't all about him.  They are to us, and for us.

He unselfishly pays it forward with a "you can do it too attitude". 

He is focused, on never giving up and dedicated to sharing a new lifestyle with an unwavering spirit that No Matter What, N.O.P.E 

Yes, mikecity is our Warrior of EX. 



p.s.  Stop by morning, noon or evening to say hello.  He is always here.  It can make a difference is your day.