Love Prayer

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 16, 2018

Dear Father God I come in MY Lord Jesus name and lift up my beloved sister Christine who is grieving losses.... beyond words...I ask for YOUR love to fill her NOW in her mind that is overcome in grief and in her will that's is struggling TODAY to see through the grief and her losses and tears and her many more emotions that are imprisoned in pain and grief that are so suffocating TODAY,,,, to her personally.... that only YOU...Dear Father GOD YOU ALONE....know Christine personally missing her Brian and desiring a NON SMOKER LIFE too.....Please help her Dear Father God to receive all Christ Jesus died to give just Christine alone on the cross in her Body Soul and Spirit......please Holy Comfortor fill Christine now to be strengthened by faith My Lord Jesus and the fresh filling of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus Himself in MY Lord Jesus name with all your Holy Spirit's fruit increasing more love joy peace in Christine now and to continue to be lavished by you Daddy God for she...Christine misses her Brian and she is your beloved Daughter in Christ Jesus amen thank you for always hearing MY prayer and always answrering.amen Hang in there Christine I love you and am so very proud you are not using nicotine.....just for TODAY.....WE is US and ALL here in UNITY....Never Take Another Puff....please keep coming back. Amen