Today is a .....

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 14, 2018

I am Native American.....the government gives us cards with our blood percentage on it and with our picture to prove we belong to our tribe and blah blah blah.....I grew up with this saying.....Today is a good day to die......for ME...I am not talking about anyone please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim....thank you.....I heard some of MY family members use this saying.....Today is a good day to die.....not really knowing what it meant yet thought it was for Native Americans ONLY...our names have changed....we were skinned skinned animals....Drunken Indians.... red skinned savages....and so for 2018 the government tells people to calls us Native amazes is a good day to die was used by some of MY family members when they were using alcohol or tobacco.....and the suffering consequences of those family members choosing of their OWN free will.....their day came....some died of alcoholism and some died of lung cancer....some died in alcohol car and motor cycle accidents..... some died early ages ......some long suffered died old ages.....these drugs have no preferences as far as people in general.... drugs are offered to ALL peoples..... to will is in ALL peoples one shoved them down is still going on in MY family tribe TODAY....the saying is still used by some of those using drugs they say.... Today is a good day to MY elders generation some said MY generation..... some..... have been blessed by GOD to be awakened to CHOICE and education of these drugs and I was personally awakened in 1985 by getting a Driving Under Influence.....aka a government changed that name from DWI...aka Driving While Intoxicated....this name changing to call ME and MY skin and drug use by a prettier TITLE...its so government.....only by God's grace I chose to be recovering from both addictive drugs.....alcohol and the NEXT generation MORE CHOICES.....for I am well educated with knowledge and Gods wisdom in ME....MY Lord Jesus and his Holy Spirit in ME by MY own belief...reading and studying Gods Holy Bible everyday for ME....I know for ME..... Today is a good day to die for I am kept by MY Holy Spirit in MY free will to choose day by day and to pass on this free gift...please get a bible and read for yourself....1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 for salvation and Romans chapter 10 verses is so simple....just believe what your TODAY is a good day to die for I know where I will live for eternity.....the CHOICE is yours.....NOW you know and there is NO excuse when you are you know how to be saved in Jesus.....YES....yes you I am no longer labeled by the government or any human by those names I was called and stated above....MY skin ain't red.....never was....I am no longer a drunken savage.....only by Gods grace I am sober and nicotine MY Lord Jesus name and I am Gods beloved eternal daughter and MY Lord Jesus beloved eternal sister and by the Holy Comforter working deep in ME day by day cuz I freely choose and ask Him to HELP ME....Today is a good day to die for only by Gods grace I live because MY Lord Jesus lives BIG in faith.....thanks for letting ME share MY experience living a NON SMOKER LIFE in MY Lord Jesus name amen and amen.