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Good morning,


 Well, another day of looking. I think our actions are beginning to gain some traction. The investigator is now actively working on our case, as we continue to try to get the police involved. We’re going to Denver today to visit Falons apartment and look around a little with her daughters.


Meanwhile Robert (her husband though separated) is going with his sister up to the town where she went missing. We’ve managed to have someone up there evey day except one since this all started. The Cedaredge police get a visit from a member of our family every day.


The investigator told me that in his experience, once the police understand that the family hired a private investigator, they take the case more seriously, simply because they know that the family really believes something is horribly wrong. So maybe he can get some things from them that we couldn’t.


I don’t think the police tell Falon’s husband much probably because in these cases the husband is always looked at. I do know that if drugs are involved, the police will investigate that, and with that, they’d be forced to investigate Falon’s disappearance as well.


Whatever shakes out, we will follow. In the meantime, if you all could share the facebook page and gofundme pages that I created, it would be greatly appreciated. To those who have already donated to the cause of finding Falon, myself and my entire family is overwhelmed with your caring generosity.


Well, it’s time for the investigator to call. Will keep you posted as this whole thing becomes more clear! Thanks again for all the support. It really means a lot to me and helps me to keep pushing on with this hard investigation.




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Thank you all!! You help me hold this all together!