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Hello all,


Still no actual news, though the digging we’ve been doing is giving us an idea of what her time line was. Sadly, I believe there might be drugs involved. The timeline shows us that she went to California, and on the return was when she became missing after the hotel stay. I’ve got a photo from the police body cam and she really didn’t look good. I still have to get it posted on the gofundme page and the facebook page I created for her.


I’m mentally prepared for whatever the outcome is, though we’re really hoping for the best. We have hired a private investigator to see what they can turn up. Tomorrow, my son and I are going to Denver to check on her apartment and talk to Falons daughters, who really need all the emotional support they can get right now.  They’ve mounted an incredible investigation of their own. Children are so connected on social media these days and they can really turn up a lot! Talk about being proactive. They’ve been amazing through this whole thing.


I swear when this is over that I’m creating a web site to help those who might find the same situation as I’ve encountered. I know what information I was desperately trying to find and what I needed right in the beginning. The first statement on the site will be that in most cases, the police will not help you and that a person needs to begin investigating on their own the second they discover a person is missing.


Anyway, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the support.






I almost forgot. Below are the links to the gofundme page for falon and also the facebook page I set up to help find her. The page is still rather raw, but my family and I will continue to work on it.


I know this is starting to get to me a little. I spent quite a bit of time looking for my pants this morning. The reason I couldn’t find them was that I was already wearing them :)


I’ll keep all of you posted. This WILL end soon one way or another, I think.