Blog Post created by Michwoman on Apr 7, 2018

Hey everyone!!  Here is the list of attendees that I have so far. I don't get on this site any more so if you've posted here that you are coming, I haven't seen it. I am going to contact Julie at Carnival for information on several things, such as texting on board.  Also, Sharon and I both chose the "late" dinner choice. If everyone does that, we can all be together on Saturday.  Please send me an email michwoman@aol.com if you are not on this list. I'm going to try to fill Kathy's shoes with momentos and avatars! THANKS!


  1. Jennifer Short and Shawn Piotrowski
  2. Laura Behan and Sharon Berndt
  3. Patty Sarafin  Karen Stolzman and Mary Ellen (not sure of last name)
  4. Rick and Sue Mihal
  5. Tommy Piver
  6. Stacie Henderson
  7. Mike and Kim Gregory


Jim Ryan?

Jackie Knight?