4 Beautiful  Smoke Free Years ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Blog Post created by linda.mustafa on Apr 3, 2018

Hello there my EXFamily , I hope you are all well and in good spirits .

Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you've enjoyed your treats  


Today I'm celebrating 4 beautiful smile free years and I am so happy to be able to come here and share the celebration with you all .


To the new members , I've been where you are today , I've faced my addiction one day at a time and most importantly never gave up , no matter how hard I've felt it was on a particular day , no matter the cravings , no matter the temptations and no matter the stresses of the day , no matter how he sadness or the happiness, jo matter the celebrations .


I persevered and every time I needed to vent or needed support I came here and there they were all of my friends and supporters ; Dale, Nancy , Giulia , Jennifer, Elen, Pops, Thomas , Linda , and many many more dear friends who comment on my blogs , send me messages , who were and are always here helping , encouraging and advising each and every one of you .


The knowledge and wisdom I've gained from every one of them is immensely important and it'll stay with me forever .

I'm grateful that I found this group and registered,not knowing then what a great assert the group will be to my journey .


To the new members , don't give up ,stay here and seek help and support ,reach for that goal and reach for your freedom .

It is a very beautiful feeling to be able to come back here after every year and celebrate together .


Think of how far you've come on your journey and far you can go , how good you feel and how much better you will feel .


Be proud of each day and be proud of your strength to succeed .


I am attaching a picture of my rescue dog Poppy ❤️


My best wishes to you all and wholeheartedly wishing you all the very best in everything you do .

Keep smiling  


Linda 4YOF