Resurrection NEW Day

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Apr 1, 2018

Today is NEW and I am a NON SMOKER living ALIVE MY OWN LIFE NICOTINE FREE..... YAHOOOOO and TADAH and with each NEW day MY Higher Power... Who is GOD for and in living HUGE through ME of MY OWN FREE WILL.... God offers this FREE GIFT.....the eternal gift of salvation in His Holy Word the Bible....please don't take MY word on it READ the Bible for YOURSELF....please go read in the bible in the book called 1 Corinthians in chapter 15 verses 1-4 and then go to the book of Romans chapter 10 verses 9-10.... then CHOOSE of your OWN free BELIEVE what YOU read for YOURSELF choose and make your OWN decision for YOURSELF..... nobody else just for YOU and receive the FREE gift of eternal life in Lord Jesus or NOT....its all on YOU.... that was SUGGESTED to ME years ago and I accepted for MY SALVATION ONLY.....there no jumping hoops or doing this or that... I read and took God at his work I chose to believe in Lord Jesus death burial and resurrection.....the FREE GIFT of  Gods eternal FREE BELIEVE by faith plus NOTHING.... when given a gift there is NO WORKING for the take it and receive in thsnkfulness.... Salvation is offered to simply READ what was offered and accept and receive of YOUR OWN free will to BELIEVE what YOU just read...its is that simple....that's it to be saved.....thanks for letting ME share and please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim....please keep coming BACK!