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Good morning all,




Still working the case for my missing daughter. But along the way I noticed something. Everything I’m experiencing right now is easier and you know why? (Well, besides the support I receive).


When I quit smoking I was so addicted that those cigarettes filled every single aspect of my life. I had to learn to deal with the constant nagging that quitting brings. I had to find ways to distract myself from the current condition in order to succeed.


Now, when I find myself in one of the; if not THE most trying time in my life, I have all these tools that I learned so long ago. I cope in much the same way as when I quit. The difference is that the endless background noise is a soul searching for another soul, always wondering and keeping thoughts positive all the while knowing that in this case, the outcome is not in my control.


But how I get to that outcome is something that I CAN control, and so long as I know in my heart that I’ve done everything humanly possible to find her, it eases the pain just a little. And as the days pass and the realization becomes more clear that there’s only two likely outcomes, it is still possible to stay positive, just as I did when I quit smoking.


My point is that everything you learn about yourself during preparation and after is something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life! And it’s something that can be applied to any adversity.


So the next time you feel like all this learning is a waste of time, think again! Everything learned can propel you into a new and wonderful life. One that can be enjoyed with confidence and pride that only comes from self understanding. So keep learning my friends! It’ll help you for the rest of your life!








For those following my missing daughter, I was up helping the PI research what he needed for half of the night. The trip to Denver is helping in a lot of different ways, the main one being that I now have contact information for all that need to be involved.


The next few days will be the most telling. I can tell that they’ve already filled in a lot of the blanks on her case and they obviously have better resources than any of us would, so I’m really hoping that this investigation gives us what we need to find her!


As always, if you haven’t yet shared and liked her facebook page and shared the gofundme page, please do so! The more people that see her face and understand that she is missing the better. Now, back to searching and thanks!




Gofundme page:

Facebook page:

 I posted this to my facebook page as well as Falons missing page. One never knows, she might actually see it if I get it out there. As for other news, the research part of the investigation has now begun. Next will come leg work. The family will be doing as much if it as possible to save money and because - well - we need to stay busy to stay sane. 


 As each day passes, our fear grows. That's why an investigator is so important. Because he can see things without the shroud of emotion that we can't help but include in everything we do right now.


The PI told us that the amount of work we've already done was amazing and will allow him to focus on the core of the case rather than having to gather initial information, so our time so far has not been wasted. As always, if you haven't yet, please share and like Falons missing person face book page to all that you can. 


Will be in touch and as always, thank you for all of your support. You can't believe how much it helps and keeps me sane!




To Falon,


There is always light after the darkness. A rainbow hidden within every thundercloud. All we have to do is see it! In this case of you, my missing daughter, that rainbow is unconditional love. For even if you don’t know it, there is so much love being poured out of so many hearts for you.


You are in the thoughts and hearts of so many, some of whom don’t even know you. Understand that I don’t care why you went missing. All that matters to me is that you’re safe. All that matters to me is that I can hug you one more time. That you can once again share your love with your loving and beautiful daughters.


We may have had some rough times between each other, but we’ve also had some incredibly wonderful times and always, there was love. Always, there was the shimmering light that can only come from the soul.


Even when I stupidly left Tasha and you and Brandon and Angela and Micheal behind, there was love, for my love has always been unconditional. And when we lost each other for all those years, my heart wept. When I called the number where you lived and someone else answered, I knew I had lost you and my son, but the love was still there for my love is unconditional.


Remember the joy we felt when we reunited? How we frolicked and had an incredible summer of bonding. And as we had more ups and downs, our love for each other was always there because our love is unconditional.


I long to unite with you again. To see your smile and to know that you are safe, for my love is unconditional. No matter what has happened. No matter what we might need to do to help your life be what you want it to be, we will because the love from all of us is unconditional.


Please return to us FAlon. Let us feel the joy of your presence once more. I will never, ever stop looking for you, for like the strength that is the light of the sun, my love for you is unconditional.


Your loving father,


Chuck (Dad)



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 28, 2018

Good morning,


 Well, another day of looking. I think our actions are beginning to gain some traction. The investigator is now actively working on our case, as we continue to try to get the police involved. We’re going to Denver today to visit Falons apartment and look around a little with her daughters.


Meanwhile Robert (her husband though separated) is going with his sister up to the town where she went missing. We’ve managed to have someone up there evey day except one since this all started. The Cedaredge police get a visit from a member of our family every day.


The investigator told me that in his experience, once the police understand that the family hired a private investigator, they take the case more seriously, simply because they know that the family really believes something is horribly wrong. So maybe he can get some things from them that we couldn’t.


I don’t think the police tell Falon’s husband much probably because in these cases the husband is always looked at. I do know that if drugs are involved, the police will investigate that, and with that, they’d be forced to investigate Falon’s disappearance as well.


Whatever shakes out, we will follow. In the meantime, if you all could share the facebook page and gofundme pages that I created, it would be greatly appreciated. To those who have already donated to the cause of finding Falon, myself and my entire family is overwhelmed with your caring generosity.


Well, it’s time for the investigator to call. Will keep you posted as this whole thing becomes more clear! Thanks again for all the support. It really means a lot to me and helps me to keep pushing on with this hard investigation.




Gofundme page:

Facebook page:


Thank you all!! You help me hold this all together!





Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 27, 2018

Hello all,


Still no actual news, though the digging we’ve been doing is giving us an idea of what her time line was. Sadly, I believe there might be drugs involved. The timeline shows us that she went to California, and on the return was when she became missing after the hotel stay. I’ve got a photo from the police body cam and she really didn’t look good. I still have to get it posted on the gofundme page and the facebook page I created for her.


I’m mentally prepared for whatever the outcome is, though we’re really hoping for the best. We have hired a private investigator to see what they can turn up. Tomorrow, my son and I are going to Denver to check on her apartment and talk to Falons daughters, who really need all the emotional support they can get right now.  They’ve mounted an incredible investigation of their own. Children are so connected on social media these days and they can really turn up a lot! Talk about being proactive. They’ve been amazing through this whole thing.


I swear when this is over that I’m creating a web site to help those who might find the same situation as I’ve encountered. I know what information I was desperately trying to find and what I needed right in the beginning. The first statement on the site will be that in most cases, the police will not help you and that a person needs to begin investigating on their own the second they discover a person is missing.


Anyway, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the support.






I almost forgot. Below are the links to the gofundme page for falon and also the facebook page I set up to help find her. The page is still rather raw, but my family and I will continue to work on it.


I know this is starting to get to me a little. I spent quite a bit of time looking for my pants this morning. The reason I couldn’t find them was that I was already wearing them :)


I’ll keep all of you posted. This WILL end soon one way or another, I think.


Hi All

Posted by jbollweg Apr 26, 2018

Kind of lost track again because my puter bite the radish. My quit date was 3/27 & tomorrow is 4/27 so lol what does that mean hehehe! I read something funny but couldn't track the person down. Still learning.... anyway Jones so on & geez I wish I could of found you cause I had wrote I hadn't smoked ( which is still true ) but you wrote something like... good we won't have to track you down! I laughed so darn hard & it felt so very good so Thank You my friend! Life hasn't been so kind & well I just started crying again so a good laugh is like a million dollars to me so you are my HERO. Anyway still smoke free but not easy. Great now I can't stop the water works......Thanks Everyone > Jeanne B


Update (Sort of)

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 26, 2018

Hello all.


Wish I had more to tell you but as of now, no news. Several friends of the family have headed to the town the last two days to place  flyers about her disappearance throughout the town. Her daughters and ex husband went to the town today to talk to the news paper there and the police. It wasa really sad for them. All the police told them was the clothes she was wearing the night they saw her and what roads they might check out for her car or worse, body. I can’t believe they told them this! They’re not investigating.


I’m working  on a facebook page now and will send the link once it’s posted. Also, we’ve set up a consultation with a private investigator. It’s sad, but the reality is that we don’t have the convenience of time to learn how to find a missing person, so we’ve decided to hire someone who already knows..


Thank you all for your support. It really means a lot to me right now. My hope is that soon this is resolved one way or another and that I’ll be writing about quitting smoking again, because that would mean my life has become normal.



Hey all,


Sorry to bother anyone with this, but I’m not sure where to turn and I’m hoping maybe someone else does. My daughter has been missing since last Thursday morning. When the police report was filed, the officer said that her last known location was on the other side of the state and that she had called 911 twice from a motel. Then when police arrived, she told them that everything was fine, and that she’d never called them. She called her daughter on Thursday morning and said she would be home in six hours. It’s been almost a week and no one has heard from her.


 We've checked hospitals and jails. I know she would never leave her children for so long. It's just not like her. This is really crazy!


Please keep her in your thoughts as I continue my search. Her name is Falon. The circumstances surrounding this are very unusual to say the least.


All I can say is that I’m glad my quit is secure because if it wasn’t, I’d now be a smoker again! But that thought is never going to gain any traction in this smoke free mind!!


I hope everyone is doing well and will let everyone know of any new situations that may arise.






practicing using this site

Posted by newlife5 Apr 23, 2018

okay i posted my blog and it shows on my page but not in all content blog posts... this is crazy... just writing this to see if i can get this to post



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 22, 2018

Remember back when you smoked, what the cigarette represented to you? For many years for me, it represented a kind of companion when I was alone. It was a comfort when I felt stressed. It was a reward for my actions. It was a cornerstone of my entire life.


By the time I quit, I never really thought about all of that. Rather, I was just acting on an impulse. You see, I’d gone beyond the time when I had to make excuses to continue with my actions. I was beyond believing anything could be different. I’d totally made peace with the slavery that I had created for myself. In other words, I was an addict.


I’ve often written of that aha moment when I finally faced what I was doing. That moment when I realized that I really wasn’t all that invincible. In a way, just getting to the realization of what my addiction was doing to me was hard. I’d built so many barriers within my own mind to see through them easily and like most, I dreaded the idea that life would be different. That I would have to change in order to truly be happy.


I do remember when the crack appeared in my addiction that I was thinking of my health, and that perhaps I should do something about it. I knew that my symptoms were all smoking related, and yet I just couldn’t get myself to care enough to actually quit.


And then I started thinking about my future. In my minds eye, I saw myself with my children and trying to interact with the grandchildren. And what got me was the look they were giving me. A look of pity or perhaps a little sadness that I’d never thought to improve my life. And everything looked dirty and colorless. I was suddenly thinking for the first time of what my future would look like, and I didn’t like that image at all.


Then I thought of that future after I quit and the first thing I noticed was that in my minds eye, everything seemed cleaner and the smiles both on my face and the face of my children was one of happiness and confidence. It became clear to me at that moment that what I did right now, in this moment will determine which future I would see. I realized that neither of these images were static and that I could choose whichever I wanted simply by deciding what I was going to do today.


I’m so glad I chose the cleaner path. Was it easy? Not so much at first. Was it worth it? It’s amazing how much it was worth it! I mean, nothing in life was the same as I’d perceived it as an addict. As an addict, we seem to mold our lives to what fits the addiction rather than living our lives as we actually want to live them. This is why the slavery of addiction is so powerful. It literally makes us see things differently, and at the same time, masks how we really want to see those things.


 I think that’s a big part of why quitting can seem so overwhelming. Because as addicts, we changed the way we perceive our world. And the reality is that we can never change it back until we can see things differently. That’s where preparation comes in. A time to learn to see things as they really are, rather than through the eyes of an addict. A time to glimpse into the future and find strength in the desire for things to be different. If we cannot accept change, than we cannot quit. It just won’t happen.


Never believe that your world can’t be changed. It can, and the power to make that change lives inside each of us. Take the time to learn that you really do want change. Always look to see how wonderful the future will be and before long, you’ll be living that future that you started today!!






What a great weekend!

Posted by Christine13 Apr 22, 2018

I'm excited to say it's been a great weekend.  Learning to be independent and make my days work for me.

Yesterday I went out and got gas in the car, where I usually go.  The clerk asked if I wanted cigarettes and I said no thanks I've quit.  It felt so good not to get any.  Anyway, did groceries, came home and put them away.  Then I decided to hire a lawn care guy for spring cleanup and mowing, so I can devote my time to the gardens.  That was a big decision to spend money to help me take care of me.  Coming up May 11th will be what would have been Brian's and my 44th anniversary.  Last week I went downtown and applied for my passport.  I'm hoping to be outta here on May 10th to see my daughter and her family.  I really want to stay smoke free, but have a lot of inner turmoil about it.  I will get through each day, focusing on what I know is true, smoke free is the only way I want to be.

I will be anxious about handling the big airports, I've never been on a big trip before alone. As for today, my sister and brother-in-law and my parents will be coming for coffee and snacks.  All of YOU and my family continues to pull me through each day, and I thank you all so much for that!

Love and blessings to each one of you!

Just went to see my councillor.  That girl is really great!!  We really connect.  She is helping me heal.

It's a great day to be smoke free!!  


95 Days But who's counting.

Posted by Lisaml Apr 11, 2018

I am! I am! Yay!!! I feel SOOOOO much better lately. 

Rounding the corner into the triple digits this week, I have felt the vice grip of anxiety ease off a lot, thank God. Quite frankly, something HAD to give. That level of drama was not sustainable. I was ready to crack into a thousand pieces, and thank goodness that's behind me. When I think about how difficult quitting has been, my thoughts don't go to day 1, but day 80-90. How crazy is that?! That was literally my toughest time. 

Be gentle with yourselves, fellow quitters. It's a long road. BUT there's a little light down there, I'm catching glimpses of it. It looks GOOD. 


It's a great feeling knowing that I'm running late but not really caring about it because I know that I have enough time to finish up this post and enjoy my coffee while doing it because since I quit smoking it's much easier getting ready and definetly much quicker because I've been able to function on a few sips of coffee since the the first few months of my quit which is one hell of a plus to being Smokefree I don't need 5 or more cigarettes and 4 or 5 coffee to get moving but I'm going to have to go out in the cold to warm my car up since it's only 12 degrees this morning brrrrrrr but at least I won't be out in the cold sucking on a cancer stick because I don't do that anymore. Quitting smoking is definetly difficult to say the least but very Doable and totally worth it to be Free so hang tough because there's definetly Life after Cigarettes and it's super fantastic once you get through the roller coaster ups and downs of withdrawals and moodswings and lack of sleep to get to that point where you realize how much better life is without the crutch of cigarettes so please hang on tight to the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE....



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 8, 2018


There was a time when I was an addict! I know, I know . What a shocker! I started off like so many of us, slowly building my addiction one day at a time until I had a formidable wall built against reality. You know, the wall that addiction creates.


But there’s an interesting thing about addiction, I think. We spend so much time convincing ourselves that our addiction is doing everything to make our lives seem normal and over time, it does look normal! Suddenly, the freedom that we lose means nothing. The life that we’ve created seems hollow and at times, we daydream. These are times when our minds accidentally wandered into a place that looks different. A place that looks kind of scary and yet there’s a light there. A thing called freedom that we have a small inkling of and yet can’t quite fathom, because we’ve spent so much time creating the current world. You know, the world of slavery, urges and triggers!


But every now and then, as we relax on a grassy spot by the bank of the river and let our minds wander, a thought pops in. A daydream that slides in as we’re relaxing, and our subconscious can speak to us. That’s how my realization of my addicted world reality happened. A daydream where I wondered what it would be like, and to be honest, most times it didn’t look to good. Addiction can do crazy things to our thoughts, our perception of the world and the actions that we perform throughout the day.


No one wants to be enslaved and yet, addicts choose this! And day by day, brick by brick we build that addiction into something that warps our very perception on reality! Something that we try to make impenetrable. And over time, we fight to protect that addiction.


But you know what? My daydream. My moment of communicating with my true self, though scary was also overwhelming! Over time, my daydream changed from me seeing myself relaxing with a cigarette to me relaxing, and free!! Suddenly I was daydreaming of something totally different!


You see, every day we create our world by our actions. Every day we determine what our future will look like by our actions. As addicts, we see the world through the lense of addiction. But when we decide to change our actions for the better, the fog of addiction begins to clear. And as we continue on seeking freedom, slowly our perceptions begin to change. Slowly our minds begin to see things differently.


And once the mind can wrap itself around our new actions, then both sides of our divided minds begin to work together creating a new harmony. Our daydream becomes a wonderful reality that was always there. We just chose to miss it!


So never believe that you cannot change your actions. Never believe that you can’t find the freedom that’s always been there. It’s simply a matter of seeing things differently and changing what our priorities in life are.


Once we can see the realities of freedom, there’s just no turning back. It happens slowly, almost imperceptibly but one day we suddenly realize that things have changed. One day we realize that those actions we changed before changed our futures forever! One day we realize that everything we were told by others in the beginning is true. It just took a little time to get there.







Posted by Christine13 Apr 8, 2018

Why do I get days like I just can't or won't do anything to help myself out?  Yesterday and today have been heavy grieving days and I went and bought cigarettes.  I smoked seven last night and had another four today.  My therapist actually said I should smoke right now to get through this difficult period, she said my mental health was more important than my physical health right now.  She said without my mental health I have nothing.  I can't afford to break down, but I feel she should have supported me with my decision.  My oral pathologist wants to see me in another 3 months.  I am close to tears again here today.  I have to stop this madness.  I don't feel strong right now at all.

So........I know smoking doesn't help a darn thing, I am close to loosing it, and I'm going forward with my quit.

I don't get her rational, without my physical health I'm screwed too.  That could mean my life!!  My life is more important to me!!  I am feeling stressed and pressured.  I know when I am quit I feel better about myself so I'm going forward with that.  I will feel my feelings and get through it somehow, without smoking!!  I need to learn a new life, without Brian and without going to my crutch.  Thanks for listening I need to decide what to do here in order to make my quit a priority.  Oddly enough I don't want to deal with grieving either, I want a magic pill that will make my heart and soul feel better.  There is no magic pill to make things better.  God be with me.



Posted by Michwoman Apr 7, 2018

Hey everyone!!  Here is the list of attendees that I have so far. I don't get on this site any more so if you've posted here that you are coming, I haven't seen it. I am going to contact Julie at Carnival for information on several things, such as texting on board.  Also, Sharon and I both chose the "late" dinner choice. If everyone does that, we can all be together on Saturday.  Please send me an email if you are not on this list. I'm going to try to fill Kathy's shoes with momentos and avatars! THANKS!


  1. Jennifer Short and Shawn Piotrowski
  2. Laura Behan and Sharon Berndt
  3. Patty Sarafin  Karen Stolzman and Mary Ellen (not sure of last name)
  4. Rick and Sue Mihal
  5. Tommy Piver
  6. Stacie Henderson
  7. Mike and Kim Gregory


Jim Ryan?

Jackie Knight?

I need something....

Posted by Lemw705 Apr 7, 2018

I'm new, don't know where to start, what to say, or how to feel today. I have been successfully smoke free for 3 weeks today using chantix. I WANT to smoke today. I can't seem to shake the feeling or busy myself. I am a wife and mother of three, quitting smoking had has one of the best decisions I have made for myself and I'm excited my hubby is joining in the fight with me. However, today I feel like I just can't. I am so overwhelmed with emotion, anger, hurt, the unknown on dealing with my 15 year old daughter. I feel like a failure. I have no one to talk to, yes my husband is here but his solution is take everything, we are the parents, we make the rules. However that does not work. I can't talk to my mother well because she is full of I knew it, if you would of listened to me, you need to do this or that. I don't need that right now. What I need is to smoke a damn cigarette and gather my thoughts. How do I pass this urge that I WANT so badly?? I don't want to smoke.

As difficult as quitting can be it's Doable and totally worth it to be Free but you must give yourself the time that's needed to get through the rough patches and to relearn life without the smokes if you're having cravings that seems never-ending get busy doing something, anything at all and if you have to sit on your hands then do it   because you can't smoke if you're sitting on your hands right!   but seriously do whatever you have to stay quit if you stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance then there's no way you can fail and we're all here to help in any way we can....

Hello there my EXFamily , I hope you are all well and in good spirits .

Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you've enjoyed your treats  


Today I'm celebrating 4 beautiful smile free years and I am so happy to be able to come here and share the celebration with you all .


To the new members , I've been where you are today , I've faced my addiction one day at a time and most importantly never gave up , no matter how hard I've felt it was on a particular day , no matter the cravings , no matter the temptations and no matter the stresses of the day , no matter how he sadness or the happiness, jo matter the celebrations .


I persevered and every time I needed to vent or needed support I came here and there they were all of my friends and supporters ; Dale, Nancy , Giulia , Jennifer, Elen, Pops, Thomas , Linda , and many many more dear friends who comment on my blogs , send me messages , who were and are always here helping , encouraging and advising each and every one of you .


The knowledge and wisdom I've gained from every one of them is immensely important and it'll stay with me forever .

I'm grateful that I found this group and registered,not knowing then what a great assert the group will be to my journey .


To the new members , don't give up ,stay here and seek help and support ,reach for that goal and reach for your freedom .

It is a very beautiful feeling to be able to come back here after every year and celebrate together .


Think of how far you've come on your journey and far you can go , how good you feel and how much better you will feel .


Be proud of each day and be proud of your strength to succeed .


I am attaching a picture of my rescue dog Poppy ❤️


My best wishes to you all and wholeheartedly wishing you all the very best in everything you do .

Keep smiling  


Linda 4YOF



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 3, 2018

 There was a time when I believed that my life was perfect, or as close to perfect as it could get. I believed that bad things only happened to other people. I believed I could smoke without consequence, and that addiction was just a byproduct of my wonderful life. A side effect to the thing that I believed brought me pleasure.


I lived in that world for a long time. A willing slave to a plant, and the chemicals contained within it. And then almost imperceptibly, I began a morning ritual of coughing. Over time, this became anywhere from one to three hours of steady coughing even as I smoked. I realized that this is what put a crack in my beliefs.


You see, there was something tangible happening. Something that I could feel happening to me. Something that forced me to question my beliefs that everything was fine. Because every morning my body told me that everything is NOT fine. It forced me to realize that I was lying to myself. That the addiction, and my ritual of feeding it was becoming more important to me than the very life I thought I was enjoying.


Suddenly I no longer believed the lies that I’d convinced myself were the truth. It’s never easy the day we discover that we’re actually an addict. There’s such a stigma that comes with the word that it just takes a little time to accept. After lying to ourselves for so long, we first have to forgive ourselves for the lies that we created to keep our addiction alive.


With forgiveness comes the ability to change. We have to believe things that we never wanted to believe before in order to quit. We have to see through the lies that we told ourselves in order to keep smoking. We have to understand that the only way out of this addiction is to understand it and to change our belief in all of the lies that we told ourselves for so long.


It’s easier than one might think actually. Once we train our focus on a goal of freedom, the rest of it falls naturally into place once we overcome the fear of change.


Never believe that you can’t succeed! It’s a belief in life and the desire to grow old with our loved ones that carries us through. A desire to live a more perfect and harmonious life and a belief that we can actually achieve that dream of harmony.


It’s within all of us to quit. All we have to do is believe that we can and know in our hearts why we want to. The rest is just learning how to live a life of freedom. And in the end, that new life is something indescribably beautiful!! And to think, all it took was a belief that with time, we really can become a more perfect being . . .








P.S. Just to let you know, I have to start another big job out of town tomorrow, so I won’t be around quite as much though I vowed to myself not to disappear completely as I have in the past. There’s just to much beauty and wonderful things happening here to avoid it! When I’m not able to come here, I do think of all of you and try to send strength. I’ll be checking in daily!


Happy non smoker

Posted by Dawnie1111 Apr 2, 2018

I am smoke free for 1 week !! Yay! 

Good evening EXer’s!!


I hope your weekend is treating you well. There’s a fire burning a little ways from our house (still at least two miles away). A bit of haze in the air, but so far nothing to worry about, though they have evacuated some people.


I was on the firefighters facebook page to read the latest there and when I read the comments, it reminded me of all of you. You see, the first comment was a person saying that they have lots of room and food for anyone that needed it. And then many comments praising the firefighters, wishing them well and thanking them for putting themselves in harms way for us.


And the way it reminded me of you folks is how when one of us has any kind of problem, we all feel it in a way. When one of us needs a lift, the rest are right there, doing what can be done from afar. When a person is down, there’s so many to pick them up, even as they feel the strange life of withdrawal themselves.


It’s really amazing what a like minded group of people can accomplish if they just try. And the whole time we reach out, so many are fighting one of the most powerful addictions on the planet!


So to put it simply, thank you all for your contributions whether you’re an elder who is still here because you care, the person going through no man’s land, trying so hard to figure things out and stay free. Or those of you that are just starting on the journey.


Nothing inspires me more than to see a person who quit just a week ago feeling concern for another on the path who just quit themselves, hoping to bolster another up and in a way bolstering themselves just by the act of sharing a common goal.


Yes indeed, this is a special place indeed and I thank each and every one of you for allowing me to be a part of it!


HAve a wonderful Easter!!




Onward to freedom!!!



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