Never stop learning!

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 19, 2018

Good day everyone!


When we quit smoking, we usually have very good knowledge of what to expect. We have tools to help us, whatever they may be and we have our support set up. And then we take the plunge into the unknown. We’re very wary at first and begin using the tools we created for ourselves during the preparation phase of our quits.


We fight through the first day, confident that we can make it because we knew this was going to be really hard! We’re so busy trying to survive the first day smoke free, that usually we don’t even notice the argument that is beginning to manifest itself within our brains.


Day two comes and we know the fight must continue, even though we’re becoming aware of the internal argument and we know we’re in for another fight, or rather battle with the goal of winning the war. The addiction begins speaking to us, a whisper at first but as the day continues that whisper becomes louder and louder.


Many people choose to listen to the agony of the addicted mind and begin to realize just how intense this quit experience really is. Others break out the tools that we placed in our quit kits and begin the process of learning to deal with a new life. Of learning how to calm the addicted side of the brain.


But when we continue to listen to the constant stream of addictive thoughts, then we can lose our resolve. We can become so involved with listening to the sweet lies of addiction that we begin to question our journey or rather, if we really need to be on this journey at all. We forget that now is the time to go write a blog or to chew some gum or to begin our deep breathing exercises. And in the end, some give in.


There isn’t much that can be done to plan for this until we experience it for the first time. We have to first experience all that we prepared for in order to truly understand it. The thing is, our preparation is a time of discovery. A time to learn ourselves and the triggers that make us smoke. We spend a lot of time trying to analyze ourselves in order to understand what we’re doing when we quit. This goes a long ways on those first hard days, but sometimes we forget something very important.


The learning really hasn’t ended. Oh no! In reality it’s just started because this is when we begin a long process of firsts. We experience our first minute and hour as it becomes the first day. The moment we put out that last cigarette, we must be ready to continue learning long past the three days that are the worst.


We must learn to understand how we react with the world now that a major part of what we thought was somehow our comfort and confidence is gone. That when something stressful happens, we no longer have the thing that we thought would help us through. That when we’re feeling sad or lonely, there is no cigarette to offer us the false comfort that it used to. But mostly, we have to overcome the feeling that we’re being deprived of something that has always helped us cope with that world. And we have to know that the world hasn’t changed a bit. It’s simply our perception of the world that has changed.


The reality is that we’re not being deprived of a thing. In fact, we’re gaining so much by relearning our lives. And when this is all over, and the screaming child of addiction finally calms, then we realize how much we’ve gained. That we haven’t lost a thing and that our lives will forever be changed!


There’s so much good happening in every moment of a quit and the trick for me was to see past the lies that I was telling myself. To laugh off the thought of a cigarette every time I had one. Sure, it takes some work to get to that point. And it takes time. But once you can see past the addiction to the day that you’ll truly be free, then there’s just no stopping you!


Never stop learning and before long, it’ll all be over!