After the addiction calms

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 14, 2018

I know we talk a lot about quitting. I mean it’s kind of a main topic around this place. But there’s something to be told about achieving the ultimate goal of freedom. Though we’ll always be addicts, there really does come a time when we’re free of addiction, though left with a few battle scars.


I know it’s a roller-coaster to get to the final goal but to me it helped a lot to always think of that shining goal of freedom. I dreamed of this goal every day of my quit, only looking back to see how far I’d already come.


We go through so much on the journey and quite often we wonder if this journey is worth all the misery it causes us. As we progress, we always question if we’re doing the right thing, our minds in constant turmoil.


But one day comes a day where we realize that we’re no longer struggling. A day where we just kind of wake up to the fact that the constant noise that was in our heads for so long is now gone, or at the worst, an ignorable whisper. Feeling this freedom also helps us to feel more secure in our futures. We tend to see life as a lot more precious once we actually have the time to see our new world without the shroud of addiction constantly trying to blind us.


At last we can take the time to look inward and see what has changed. To see what we’ve accomplished over this trying time in our lives. Our perception slowly changes to see our new and wonderful world. We feel our bodies blooming into the beautiful flower of life as health returns to our bodies, and we begin to notice just how wonderful oxygen really is, now that it’s no longer mingled with the toxic smoke of death.


We feel a pride and a love for everything around us. We begin to actually SEE the world around us. The very world that we ignored for so long in order to feed the addiction. And slowly we gain the confidence to learn to do all that we were afraid to do because of the fear of losing our quit.


And the fire of freedom burns within us, and helps us to believe that now we can walk a little longer. We can run a little farther. We can love others a little deeper, and we can think a little clearer, no longer consumed with the old cigarette schedule for the day.


All of that extra money is nice too, now that we actually WANT to go places, to explore like we’ve never explored before. And as the addiction becomes a thing of the past, we really start looking forward to the future, and no longer dread it.


All this and more awaits you if you can just stay focused on the wonderful good you’re doing for yourself and let the fight run its course. It’s more than worth it. It’s a doorway to a precious new life and I can tell you, it’s nothing short of amazing!!


I can’t wait to see you on the other side of this time in your lives. To see that smile that can only come from taking your own life and transforming it into something amazing!