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Blog Post created by Kimshine on Mar 9, 2018

Here I am Again.

I have been back here  looking around and checking out this site again for the last month. I have grown tired of this old addiction again. The site is all so different but I have been looking in on my elder's pages for that familiar knowledge and comfort. I'm so happy to see that most of the elders which I am familiar are still here helping and advising the newbies, including me. It has felt like a blessing to see there is still a lot of community support.  I remember how slow the site used to be but it was comfort even knowing the pace of this place. Now things look and feel so different. I'm gearing up for my freedom from nicotine once again. I'm not even sure I'm writing in the right place? I'm building up to begin this process again and I know the power of the folks here and the support shared. I have re-read Allen Carr and I have been re-educating myself on nicotine addiction.  I need to pick a quit date and decide how to accomplish my goal. I have not set a clear plan for myself this time which is unusual for me since I am usually fairly decisive. I know my quits have in the past caused me severe depression, anxiety and crying for weeks but I also know that there is light to be enjoyed after some time and healing. I have tried Chantix 1 time (not for me) and I have gone cold turkey. I think I'm more of a cold turkey kind of chick. Advice, blessings and tough love all welcome! Thank you for being here!