Pride And Ego

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 9, 2018

Undermines unity and can ultimately divides people, who are seeking support.


I realize  my reply button is not on.  I appreciate, so much love, from soooooooo  many people here on this site.

I am humbled many times by my err.   I am also humbled many times, by God,  he has a hand in everything in my life...  he aids me to concur,  also gives me journeys to fall,  and get up if I wish.  Finding my strengths,  comes from GOD, and thru GOD.
My beliefs.

I do not feel, a need to be trolled by a couple of people, I  have also asked them to stop, please.  They  think it' may be necessary, to fill their own insecurities...

As long as it continues to happen,   and is allowed" to happen.  Which is Cyber Bullying.  
"Taking what is good and leave the rest".   Is great advice, turning the cheek, is a must many times.      It can also be a catch all",  for abuse or "bullying mentality"

So once again I will just stop"" commenting on it. 
Until these couple of  hu-man  beings"  STOP IT!

I desire inbox only thank you