Day 7 ~♥

Blog Post created by emilyt123078 on Mar 9, 2018

What a gorgeous day! Went on a trail hike today with my hubs and my pups.  Early Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I feel so much brighter today. Yesterday felt like one big confusing mess and even the weather was blustery and the lights flickered. Pretty much how I felt.  I have been so hungry that, it seems, I eat and an hour later, starving again.  Going to yoga again tonight. The contortions really seem to help.  I love yoga. It's been a source of motivation for me to quit smoking.  I would love to be a yoga instructor for those who are dealing with anxiety, depression and life issues. My mother passed away in 2009.  It's been a long journey through that and one I'm still on, but I feel part of that journey is getting myself back on track and leaving behind some old ideas.  I want to help others and I can't do that very well when I'm not taking that same advice for myself.  I think we all need to do that in our life.  Learning to care about ourselves in the process of quitting something that doesn't give a rats butt about us.  Wow, I've said a lot today.

Enjoy your Friday. Thanks for all of your support.  I send you the same.