Gratitude day 3♥

Blog Post created by emilyt123078 on Mar 5, 2018

Venting part 1.  Felt tired. Felt anxious, yelled, almost cried.  

I have to be grateful today, because I went for a walk to the park with my husband and my dogs.  We had a great time even though I was obviously not feeling up to par. He took my hand in his because he noticed I was quiet.  I wasn't angry or upset, I wasn't feeling good and when I'm not, I'm quiet.  My husband tried to cheer me up and I did smile.  Those are the times when I feel this distance between how others manage life without smoking and how I don't.  Oh, I know that there will be a day that I can get on with my life without thinking about a cigarette, but I'm not there yet and that's okay.  People make bad choices even when they don't smoke, or never smoked.  I made a choice not to smoke today. That was a good choice.  I can say that I'm grateful for that.