It feels like it hurts

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 4, 2018

I don't care what Alan Carr, said in his book, sometimes it feels"  like it hurts"  craving a sick stick.  I love the book.  Fun, knowledgeable book.

Last night watching a  movie about Somalia Pirates, with hubby Dean.    It was a great movie true story....

Then I started  tearing up, for a sick stick.   Did not need to put my head in a freezer, it is cold here.   Stepped outside sobbed, buckled over, in heavy yearning,  to run across the street to get cigarettes.   I could not do that, wouldn't make it, I need to be healthy, and... and...

I'm starting day 4 officially.  It wasn't hard at night for me in the past.   What is up with that?  

Anyway don't matter.  I'm reminded every morning when I wake up, by what smoking has done for me,,, nothing!!

Cradling my precious rosary made by my Kelly Girl.   Not catholic,   But love it's symbolism.   It keeps my hands and fingers beezy" .   Kinda like worry beads.