Still smoke free 122 days in

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Mar 2, 2018

This is my 3rd attempt in as many days to blog. I am still without a mouse due to software issues not accepting the newer mouse. The first time I tried to blog I hit the wrong button and lost everything I wrote, yesterday I just could not get my thoughts into words, tonight..success


I have been quite the last few days. I found a new hobby/craft called painting with diamonds. I used to do latch hook, but my hands would cause to many issues and I haven't completed a latch hook project in years. I saw a facebook ad for the paint with diamonds and ordered a kit and I am hook on it. I also got my replacement sewing machine so I have been working on getting some pants hemmed for my husband (he is only 5'7) so everything is just to long for him. I also have some patches I need to put on my roommates pants and some curtains that I want to shorten-so a few things planned with the new sewing machine. My roommate got his brother to help him move the pool table down to the basement so I have spent a few hours shooting pool. I have also been helping my husband get gifts/little trinkets together for his dinner party Monday.


What I was thinking would be a few friends joining us for dinner, we now have 30+ people planning to stop in at Dennys to visit with us. I got the meeting room booked from 5-8 so we will see how that goes. My husband likes giving presents so he has been gathering stuff and I have been helping out with that. Got my dog into the vet today for a nail trim and her yearly visit/shots. Since our roommate is going with us it is just easier to take her vs having people come check on her-shes only slightly spoiled. The last time my husband and I were in Kansas City was Oct 2016. He was part of a drug trial and we made the trip to KC every two weeks. We had our regular hotel and the hotel gives each guest 3 free drinks during their evening "happy hour". Well since we made plans to go I have been really looking forward to having a drink or two. I have not had a drink since Oct 2016, both my husband and roommate are recovering alcoholics so we don't keep alcohol in the house and until a couple weeks ago I have been driving my husband around for the last couple of years so I have not had a chance to get a drink when we were out of the house. I know a lot of my friends smoke so I will not put myself into the situation of having a drink and going back to the restaurant and if I get a drink, it will be one drink that I just take to my hotel room and leave in the room and not drink until I am in for the night. I still haven't decided if I will drink, but I do know I will not smoke, not one puff ever, and will forgo the drink if I have any hesitation.


Continuing to hold tight to my quit